4 Reasons Why You Should Go With Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos


Temporary tattoos have so many perks!

When dealing with losing your eyebrows and trying to find out what your options are, it’s important to consider all options! However, when it comes to eyebrows, there are all kinds of options that have pros and cons. With ease, convenience, and realness all factoring into your decision, the options can be overwhelming. Here are our four favorite reasons why we suggest using temporary tattoos for your brows.

Consistency is Key

While penciling in your brows can be a great economical option for your budget, pencils can have drawbacks. Because you’re doing it by hand every time, you are less likely to create consistent, realistic-looking brows every time. Usually they smear off at the first sign of water, and it can be time consuming to try and create a perfect, feathered style before you leave the house. Instead, save time and frustration by using temporary brow tattoos that are quicker and more consistent.


Change Up Your Style and Shape

When many people think of artificial eyebrows, they also think about microblading or permanent eyebrow tattoos. However, while this may be the choice for some, because these tattoos are permanent, they leave you with fewer options on a day-to-day basis. In addition to the permanence of the style you choose, these procedures can be expensive. In order to obtain realistic-looking brows that fit well with your face and your style, you will need to work with a professional, who may charge hundreds or even thousands for your service. With temporary tattoos, you save time, money, and potential pain from the tattoo procedure, and you also give yourself the option to change up your style and color whenever you choose! My Two Brows has many new styles, colors, and sizes from you to choose from so you can find the perfect brow.


Waterproof for Daily Life

While non-permanent eyebrow options like pencils or eyebrow stamps can be great choices, sometimes the style and hard work you put into your look can be washed away with a splash of water. Instead, protect your look and your beautiful brows with the waterproof styles in all kinds of colors from My Two Brows! Our temporary tattoos are waterproof so your look stays put even if you go swimming, take a shower, or go for a dip in the hot tub! Don’t let the fear of your brows washing away keep you from living your best life!

 Easy and quick to apply!

We know your days are busy and you don't have time to figure out one more thing. That is why we wanted a quick and easy, yet reliable solution for you. You can apply both brows in under one minute. No matter how rushed you are in the morning or getting ready for date night, you'll have time to make sure your brows look great.



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