Test Copy of Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo Sheets

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  • 9 Eyebrow sets per sheet (yes they're all the same size and you can order small medium or large!). Each brow sheet will last you about a month, and you won't ever have to worry about not having any brows at an important event like a date, or an important meeting.  You'll always be able to feel confident when you're required to perform at and feel your best.


  • Custom-sized small, medium, or large brow sheets, with only the size you choose included in your order, which means you won't have to cut large brows to size or wear brows that are too small for your face.  This means they will look as realistic as possible, by blending in with the unique size of your face.  Other brands that started selling brow tattoos only offer one size, or sheets with many sizes on them.  That's wasteful and no-good when your face has its own unique size!


  • Your choice between 5 styles, 3 sizes and 2 colors, which are made for faces with no hair at all.  These many unique options mean that no matter the colour of your skin or hair, or whether you're a man or woman, there's a perfect brow for you that will let you 'fit in' again and take back your identity.


  • Brows with hundreds of paper-thin, hand-crafted, 3D hair stroke illusions, which look infinitely more realistic than even a professional makeup artist could pull off in a whole hour with a brow pencil & powder.  This means you'll fool everyone, including yourself, into believing you never even lost your brows in the first place, and you'll be able to stop worrying that people notice you lost your brows.  You'll just blend into society once again as you did before losing your brows.


  • Brows that simply take 30 seconds to apply, and last on your face up to a week, which means you'll literally save hours of time per week from applying pencils, and you'll be able to spend that time sleeping in or maybe taking an extra-long hot shower in the morning.  There's no way you could get that many realistic 3D strokes with a pencil in even an hour in front of the mirror.  Time to throw those lousy brow pencils in the trash!


  • Brows that are 100% waterproof, which means you can shower, hit the pool, or work up a sweat at the gym and not for one-second worry about them smudging off.   And it means you won't have to spend extra time each day reapplying your brows after a sweat or shower.  This will save you loads of hours per week freeing you time to do what you want to do, rather than being glued in front of the mirror doing makeup.


  • Free Worldwide Shipping on paid orders, which means you can be in the USA, the UK, Australia, India, or anywhere else at all and get your custom brows delivered directly to you.  It doesn't matter where you are - I'll ship them to you.  And I'll do it for free.


  • And don't forget my 100% No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee:  Forget you lost your actual eyebrows, or they're Free!  Let me know within 30 days of receiving your order for a full refund, no questions asked!  And don't even bother sending them back.  You can keep them for the inconvenience.  How's that for fair? 




  • When you join the My Monthly Brows Membership, you'll never again have to worry about running out of brows, because they'll automatically show up to your door however often you choose.  No more having to count how many brows you have left, which means you'll save time every month from having to sit down on the computer to make an order.  And you won't have to remember to order, potentially leaving it too late and anxiously waiting for your brows to arrive, with only 1 set left until you run out.  No last-minute panic for your new brows to show up before you run out and are forced to hit the town or go to work browless!


  • The subscription comes with no obligation whatsoever.  You can cancel it at any time if you choose to do so.  And it's not difficult to do.  You don't have to call me or email me.  You can cancel it inside your own customer account page.




Try them all in the sample pack - pick your favorite size, style & color.


Get shipments when you want them for $19 per sheet with Free international shipping.  Swap brows, add, remove, pause, cancel, or update whenever you want via your own unique customer account page.


Let these brows show up to you on autopilot, and forget about keeping track of how many you have left, or stressing when you order at the last minute.

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84 reviews

I've been using these brows for a few months now and they're so much better than other brands I've tried. They are not shiny like others so they look more realistic. It's also easy to order now that they've simplified sizes and have a monthly subscription option.

Love my monthly brows 😍

I get my favorite brows every month and never run out. I love them so much, I definitely recommend them!


I've been wearing the Everyday Brow in size medium for almost 3 months now... I can say, without a doubt, that these brows changed my life.
In January 2021, I spiraled into a deep depression I couldn't shake when I completely lost my eyebrows. In February 2021, I found My Two Brows... It was love at first try on!!! They last anywhere from 3-5 days, doing everything from mowing, working out, gardening, showering - you name it, they stayed!
Never again will my eyebrows be the source of my depression. Thank you Jason!

Emily, your words here really warm my heart. I'm so happy to hear what you've had to say, specifically that these eyebrows have changed your life. You look so happy now! :)

Your friend, Jason

Fabulous brows

Was approached by Jason to try out his sample pack and of course I snapped his fingers off and I'm so glad I did. They are amazing and make such a difference to my appearance. Will definitely be ordering again soon. X

I appreciate you posting that photo Kerry. Looking awesome!!!!

Your friend, Jason

Love These Thanks Jason 💖😘

My Daughter Has Alopecia Universalis So We Have Tried A Few Different Types Of Tattoo Eyebrows By Far These Are The Best So Easy To Put On And Stay On For A Few Days Lots Of Different Style's And Colours Highly Recommend

Kayla, thank you so much for the feedback, and I am soooo happy for you and your daughter!!! This is just so great!

By the way, I just rolled out a subscription option that I call My Monthly Brows. Check it out - can be great to make sure you always have a set on hand!!!

Your friend, Jason