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Learn What Our Customers Are Saying!



“Exactly what I was looking for. I’ve had trichotillomania since I was 8. Now as a 31 year old wife and mother my eyebrows no longer grow back at all. I had them microbladed 3 years ago (extremely painful and I hated them) which was very expensive. They also faded very quickly. I decided to order the samples and I was shocked at how easy these were to apply and how real they looked! They even looked better than my microbladed brows! I also love the WHY of this company + great customer service! They’ve stayed on through showering and long days of momming! Which is very impressive! Customer for life here!!”

Liz M.

“Jason reached out to me on one of the alopecia sites I am on on Facebook to tell me about his company. I opted to try the generous free sample he offers, and I got a great selection of each type of brow in both colors and all sizes. Who does that, might I ask??? So after trying on a few different pairs, I can attest to the following: These brows are natural looking, they stay on really well even in the shower and they are very easy to apply. Add to that the terrific customer service that Jason personally provides and you can see that ordering from My Two Brows is the right way to go if you suffer from little or no eyebrows. Note: I did have to shave the little bit of brows that I had left, but I wanted to be sure the brows would adhere properly and they do. I should also mention that several years ago I had my brows tattooed on and not only was it painful but they didn't stay on. So after spending a lot of money and going through a painful procedure I still had no brows. Plus, they didn't really look too good, so it's probably a blessing they didn't stay on. These are definitely quality brows, and I hope and pray that the people who need to fill in or completely draw on their brows find out about this company, as it seems like there are some cheapy and poor quality similar products out there, but I prefer to do business with someone who knows from experience, and Jason certainly does!! The before and after photos show me with no brows and then with Sassy Swerve in size 1 and color chestnut. :) Thanks, Jason, for helping all of us out!!”

Macy W.

“Erased my Insecurity!

I have struggled with trich for quite a while now, and I have always been super insecure about not having eyebrows. I ordered the sample pack to try them out and I am amazed by how well they actually work. Application takes less than a minute, and they truly look like real eyebrows. I will absolutely be ordering a pack in the shape and color I like best! I recommend My Two Brows to anyone who is insecure about their hair loss, absolutely amazing. THANK YOU JASON!!!”

Miss J.D.


I love these transfers, they are super quick & easy to use, insanely realistic and just give your face such a nice shape. It really is great that they come in small, medium or large sizes - it means no more wasted transfers plus as you choose what colour you would like you are always guaranteed to get what you asked for. No dodgy black ones turning up if you don't want them. I think the subscription option is also brilliant as it means you don't have to worry about running out either! Thanks Jason for giving us a reliable & real service.”


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