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Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo Sheets

Each Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo Sheet contains 10 eyebrow sets (sample pack contains 30) and lasts up to a month!

My Two Brows

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Finally - temporary eyebrow tattoos that look real, are simple to apply, waterproof, & last up to 3 days

Take Back Your Identity

My Two Brows temporary eyebrow tattoos are designed with one thing in mind - to deliver sets of natural looking eyebrows to those of us who don't have any eyebrows at all. Some of us, including the company founder just don't have eyebrows due to conditions like Alopecia, Hashimoto's Disease, or Trichotillomania. And It's very difficult to know what to do when we are hit with one of these conditions - usually they develop quite quickly and we're taken by surprise. Should we just accept our fate of having no eyebrows for as long as our conditions persist? Should we get permanent tattoos? Microblading? Eyebrow pencils?

Unfortunately, tattoos and microblading are quite a serious committment; they're complicated, expensive, and scary given their permanent or semi-permanent changes to the appearance of our faces. If something goes wrong, or we don't like the way they look, how could we ever hide them when they're always in plain sight? And what happens if we have tattoos and our natural eyebrows eventually come back? 

Even more difficult is that all of the temporary products available, like pencils and fillers, are meant to enhance already-existing eyebrows. When we try to use them on our eyebrow-less faces, they take a long time to apply, they generally look fake, and they always smudge or sweat off. 

There has been virtually no temporary eyebrow product, until now, which delivers full set of natural-looking eyebrows to those of us who have no eyebrows left at all.  My Two Brows Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos are the answer when we want to take back our identity to before - when we had our eyebrows. Some of us miss our eyebrows - the way we looked with them - and that's normal. 

My Two Brows will restore your face with eyebrows that have an ultra realistic 3D appearance. Each eyebrow has hundreds of hand crafted hair strokes. They're temporary (last up to 3 days), easy to apply, and waterproof! It's time to take back our identies from Alopecia, Hashimoto's Disease, and Trichotillomania. Lets do it with My Two Brows.


Ashley's Tutorial (a My Two Brows Client)

My Two Brows Tutorial (From Jason, the Founder)

Waterproof & Scratch Resistant Brows

Some Words From My Two Brows Clients

Based on 134 reviews
Sassy Swerve
Lindsay C.

I'm so thankful for these. I lost my eyebrows to thyroid disease. I had 3 different permanent tattoos. They fade over time, and mine turned pink for some reason. Most turn grey. Its been a bit of a challenge finding the right size and style to cover the old tattoo. You can still see it if your looking, otherwise people don't really notice. I also have OCD about my brows and drawing them on was taking so much time. These are wonderful. I recommend if your tired of drawing them on. These look so much better.

Sample Pack
Nana S.H. (North Denmark, Denmark)
They are perfect!

I have been using My Two Brows for four months now, since May 2021, and they are still TRULY AMAZING!
I wear them every single day, and they last around four days each time. I will never live without them!
I’m using My Everyday Brow in black, and recently I changed from size medium to large. I can only say: they are perfect to me!
They give me freedom, because I look more normal again - more natural. I have alopecia universalis like Jason.
People can’t see that these brows are not real, not even when they try. It’s the 3D effect.
Yes, they shine a little bit when just applied, but it goes away, and it not nothing in the whole picture.
Go for it, people - give them a try! You will be so happy.

The Everyday Brow
Gloria (Texas, United States)
New color!!

I was so excited to try the new Ash Brown color and of course it was Amazing 🤩 compliments my hair so well. Here’s a picture without and with my lovely brows! ❤️

The Everyday Brow
Vicki B. (Ontario, Canada)
100% Satisfied

My order arrived on time and was packaged well. Loving the Everyday Brow. It's perfect for me.

Assertive Arch
Sarah O. (New York, United States)
Before and after

I previously wrote a review, but didn't upload a photo. I love these brows, they are a huge time saver.

Sassy Swerve
Ashley D. (California, United States)
Favorite brow product

I’ve used many temporary tattoo eyebrow products and this is by far my favorite. Not only is it the most realistic in terms of shape and color, the quality is also the best. It’s long lasting, goes on smoothly and comfortable. I always recommend My Two Brows to anyone that asks.

The Everyday Brow
Mandy F. (Ontario, Canada)
A for AMAZING product!

Our 13 year old daughter absolutely loves My Two Brows eyebrows. They have given her a great deal of confidence and a whole new outlook. She has tried different options however this one has been by far the best for all of the activities that she likes to do. (i.e. ATVing, playing hockey, swimming etc.) They are natural looking and as you can see can withstand all the different activities. Thanks Jason for bringing a smile to our daughters face.

You're welcome, Mandy! She looks great! And thank you for the kind words!!!!

Sample Pack
Mikki H. (Michigan, United States)
Where have you been for 40 years!!!

I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with these. I've haven't had eyebrows for 40 years....these are amazeballs!!!! They look so real!!!!! AND they stay on when I am drippy and sweaty, and when I shower. I wear one pair for a week or longer!!!

Just amazing to hear, Mikki! Appreciate you sharing!

Confident Contour
Tricia F. (California, United States)
Comes with a ton of compliments

At first I couldn’t get them to be even but now that I have figured it out I love them. Cant go without them. I have severe alopecia and have lost eyebrows, eyelashes along with hair on my head. Thank you this great product.

You're welcome Tricia. Love the video and photo!!!!

The Everyday Brow
Anonymous (North Denmark, Denmark)
I’m truly amazed!

I’m truly amazed!
I was excited to try these eyebrows myself after following other reviews. And here is my conclusion: they are FANTASTIC. Incredibly natural and realistic looking.
I have alopecia universalis and lost all my hair 5 years ago. Every day since then has been a struggle in front of the mirror drawing my eyebrows with a pencil. It’s time-consuming and very vulnerable to be dependent on.
Now I wake up with eyebrows on!
It feels too good to be true, but it’s true. I’m so grateful.
My friends and family are stunned - no matter how close they look at my brows, they cannot tell that they are now real.
The brows last 5 days for me.
Easy to apply, comfortable to wear.
I tried the different shapes and sizes, and here in my picture is The Everyday Brow in large and chestnut brown. My other favorite is the Confident Contour. I think both black and chestnut brown are beautiful in their mild and natural color tones.
This has been life-changing to me. Big words, but brow contours mean everything.
I warmly recommend. Thank you, Jason, for this creation, and for the commitment you put into it!

Nana, you're 100% welcome! I'm so happy to help you get your identity back, and to help you be able to say goodbye to pencils once and for all! Just amazing to hear that these brows have been life changing for you. Thank you so much for posting these kind words!

The Everyday Brow
Meaghan D. (California, United States)

I've been using these brows for a few months now and they're so much better than other brands I've tried. They are not shiny like others so they look more realistic. It's also easy to order now that they've simplified sizes and have a monthly subscription option.

Awesome, Meaghan. Just awesome!!!!

The Everyday Brow
Gloria (Texas, United States)
Love my monthly brows 😍

I get my favorite brows every month and never run out. I love them so much, I definitely recommend them!

Right on, Gloria!!!

The Everyday Brow
Emily L. (Virginia, United States)

I've been wearing the Everyday Brow in size medium for almost 3 months now... I can say, without a doubt, that these brows changed my life.
In January 2021, I spiraled into a deep depression I couldn't shake when I completely lost my eyebrows. In February 2021, I found My Two Brows... It was love at first try on!!! They last anywhere from 3-5 days, doing everything from mowing, working out, gardening, showering - you name it, they stayed!
Never again will my eyebrows be the source of my depression. Thank you Jason!

Emily, your words here really warm my heart. I'm so happy to hear what you've had to say, specifically that these eyebrows have changed your life. You look so happy now! :)

Your friend, Jason

The Everyday Brow
Jennifer G.W. (Texas, United States)

Received my sample pack a few weeks ago. I have a small face and had to trim them a little bit, but they are AWESOME!! I love how realistic they look and how they last a few days! I don't have to stress about accidentally rubbing off my brows, waking up browless, or maneuvering in ways so my kids don't accidentally rub them off. No more Picasso brows! I'm excited for the smaller size and new color options!

Jenn, love the pics and what you've had to say. No more smudged brows! And the extra small option is on its way too!! :)


Sassy Swerve
Ornella S.

Non ho parole per descrivere la mia felicità dopo aver provato queste sopracciglia, le consiglio a tutti! Ci sono di diverse misure!
I have no words to describe my happiness after try these brows!
I recommend them all! There are many size!

Awesome, Ornella! You look great!

Sample Pack
Kerry H. (England, United Kingdom)
Fabulous brows

Was approached by Jason to try out his sample pack and of course I snapped his fingers off and I'm so glad I did. They are amazing and make such a difference to my appearance. Will definitely be ordering again soon. X

I appreciate you posting that photo Kerry. Looking awesome!!!!

Your friend, Jason

Sample Pack
DeAnn P. (Colorado, United States)

I have had Alopecia for 7 years and lost my brows about 5 years ago.
I do not have the patience to stand in front of a mirror to fix my brows every morning.
I ordered these thinking I couldn’t loose. Wow. Not only did I not loose. I gained brows!!! So easy and so natural looking.
I will continue getting these brows.

Absolutely. It can take forever infront of the mirror! I'm so happy these brows are saving you time, DeAnn!

Sample Pack
Macy W. (North Dakota, United States)
Erased my Insecurity!

I have struggled with trich for quite a while now, and I have always been super insecure about not having eyebrows. I ordered the sample pack to try them out and I am amazed by how well they actually work. Application takes less than a minute, and they truly look like real eyebrows. I will absolutely be ordering a pack in the shape and color I like best! I recommend My 2 Brows to anyone who is insecure about their hair loss, absolutely amazing. THANK YOU JASON !!!

You're welcome Macy! Looking AWESOME!!!


Sample Pack
Juliana (Colorado, United States)
So great

These are the best!! Do not hesitate. Add to cart and purchase

Thanks Juliana!!!

Sample Pack
Ariel (Texas, United States)
Most realistic brows

I’ve tried microblading, makeup and other tattoo brows and these are my favorite!! So natural! The style and color options are perfect. I do have a pretty active lifestyle and therefore sweat a lot. My brows lasted for two days which is a day longer than the others I’ve tried!

Ariel, love what you've written here. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Your friend, Jason

Sample Pack
Miss J.D. (Scotland, United Kingdom)

I love these transfers, they are super quick & easy to use, insanely realistic and just give your face such a nice shape. It really is great that they come in small, medium or large sizes - it means no more wasted transfers plus as you choose what colour you would like you are always guaranteed to get what you asked for. No dodgy black ones turning up if you don't want them. I think the subscription option is also brilliant as it means you don't have to worry about running out either! Thanks Jason for giving us a reliable & real service.

Jenn, what an amazing write up. And then such a great photo and video. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this review and shoot this photo / video. I'm certain that your review will help someone who is trying to decide whether to make the leap and try these brows out! Chat soon!

Your friend, Jason

Sample Pack
Liz M. (Idaho, United States)
Amazing Brows!!!

Jason reached out to me on one of the alopecia sites I am on on Facebook to tell me about his company. I opted to try the generous free sample he offers, and I got a great selection of each type of brow in both colors and all sizes. Who does that, might I ask??? So after trying on a few different pairs, I can attest to the following: These brows are natural looking, they stay on really well even in the shower and they are very easy to apply. Add to that the terrific customer service that Jason personally provides and you can see that ordering from MyTwoBrows is the right way to go if you suffer from little or no eyebrows. Note: I did have to shave the little bit of brows that I had left, but I wanted to be sure the brows would adhere properly and they do. I should also mention that several years ago I had my brows tattooed on and not only was it painful but they didn't stay on. So after spending a lot of money and going through a painful procedure I still had no brows. Plus, they didn't really look too good, so it's probably a blessing they didn't stay on. These are definitely quality brows, and I hope and pray that the people who need to fill in or completely draw on their brows find out about this company, as it seems like there are some cheapy and poor quality similar products out there, but I prefer to do business with someone who knows from experience, and Jason certainly does!! The before and after photos show me with no brows and then with Sassy Swerve in size 1 and color chestnut. :) Thanks, Jason, for helping all of us out!!

Liz, what an absolutely amazing review. This is really touching to see, and I am so glad I am able to help you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and showing people how you look with your brows on, so that they can see from a real client like yourself that they do in fact work!

As always, always glad to chat, and you have me on FB. Chat soon!

Your friend,


Sample Pack
Sally-Anne P. (England, United Kingdom)
Beautiful brows

These brows are fabulous, simple.
I lost my eyebrows 24 years ago due to alopecia universalis and have had to draw them on, which is time consuming and they don't always turn out how you want them to. Now I can have perfect brows everyday. So quick and easy to apply, literally 15 seconds. My two brows also offers a subscription service now so you don't even need think about ordering them. Super quick delivery 👌

Sally, thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to post this review. It'll help people considering these brows to make the leap and give them a shot. Just wonderful!

Your friend, Jason

Sample Pack
Kayla w. (Queensland, Australia)
Love These Thanks Jason 💖😘

My Daughter Has Alopecia Universalis So We Have Tried A Few Different Types Of Tattoo Eyebrows By Far These Are The Best So Easy To Put On And Stay On For A Few Days Lots Of Different Style's And Colours Highly Recommend

Kayla, thank you so much for the feedback, and I am soooo happy for you and your daughter!!! This is just so great!

By the way, I just rolled out a subscription option that I call My Monthly Brows. Check it out - can be great to make sure you always have a set on hand!!!

Your friend, Jason

Sample Pack
Leah M. (Leinster, Ireland)

I went through a period of hair loss and started documenting on my Instagram page which grew some followers! My eyebrows grew back but I tested these out for my followers and they are amazing! So realistic looking and available in so many different shapes sizes and colours to match your natural brow! Jason is such a gentleman aswell! He deserves every success in his business!