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JAK Inhibitors a Cure for Alopecia?

There seems to be emerging hope on the front of a "cure" for Alopecia Areata: Janus kinase (or JAK)  inhibitor drugs.   It's an interesting prospect, and one I'm not sure on how I feel because of some of the potential side effects. On one-hand, I would be ecstatic to get all of my hair back without having to do much of anything other than take a pill every day.  On the other-hand, I would be somewhat worried about what else these pills are doing to my body.  And how long do you have to continue taking this pill, anyways? It seems as though these JAK inhibitor drugs were initially used to combat severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, via a method to block certain pathways...

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Had a great interview about My Two Brows with Arielle from  They're now retailing select styles of My Two Brows at their website as well! Here's a link to the interview on Instagram: And an article on their site about My Two Brows:

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Alopecia Life Podcast Interview!

I am so pleased to have been a guest on Deeann Graham’s podcast, The Alopecia podcast, where we talked about alopecia and experiencing the loss of your eyebrows. We also talked about my company, My Two Brows, my own alopecia story, and how a deep dissatisfaction around what was being offered to people without eyebrows, especially people with alopecia, led me to start my own company. You can listen to the episode here and enjoy a special discount provided to Alopecia Life listeners.   

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Learn What Our Customers Are Saying!

  Kerri “Exactly what I was looking for. I’ve had trichotillomania since I was 8. Now as a 31 year old wife and mother my eyebrows no longer grow back at all. I had them microbladed 3 years ago (extremely painful and I hated them) which was very expensive. They also faded very quickly. I decided to order the samples and I was shocked at how easy these were to apply and how real they looked! They even looked better than my microbladed brows! I also love the WHY of this company + great customer service! They’ve stayed on through showering and long days of momming! Which is very impressive! Customer for life here!!” Liz M. “Jason reached out to...

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