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Mia S. (British Columbia, Canada)
Describe Your Experience: Beautiful, Easy, Realistic
The Best Brows!

I am loving these eyebrows! They save me so much time! I can go swimming with them on and not have to worry about wiping or rubbing them off! They look so realistic and I get SO many compliments on them! Very easy to apply and they actually last. Loving them!

Sassy Swerve
Tami L. (Washington, United States)
Describe Your Experience: Realistic Easy Good
Almost Perfect!

The look of these brows is awesome! I've received many, many compliments. They are very easy to apply. I think I may just have an oily brow or something, as I have difficulties with anything staying for long. These brows sometimes last 3 days, with touch-ups (I use a pencil, it works!). However, I find that oftentimes, after only 24 hours, the inside corners feel goey and sticky. Plus, I was disappointed that they did not last in the rough waves of Kaua'i. 🤣

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Vicki M. (Tennessee, United States)
Describe Your Experience: Simple confidence boosting
Breathe... You're a brow boss now 😁

So many great things to say about this company. I absolutely love supporting a small American business, and Jason rocks customer service and quick response. There's a small learning curve to getting them on just so, but beyond that they look amazing!
Tip 1: The very helpful instructions say to try them all before you choose. Lol, but after 20 years without brows, I ordered the first pair I tried. While I was waiting for the first shipment, I found ones I liked better. It was pretty easy to change the subscription BUT if you have a little more patience than me, you might try a few first. No big deal, either way.
Tip 2: Translucent powder really does work to cut down on the shiny and sticky feel. I personally found that shampoo tends to degrade the tattoo quicker, so avoid getting it on your face if possible.
Happy confidence boosting!

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@supernovanGirl (England, United Kingdom)
Describe Your Experience: an innovative solution
game changer 👌

i adore these products! they create a very natural effect, they're easy and convenient to use, and i like that i usually get at least a couple of days wear from each pair. the sample pack offers an ingenious way to experiment and play around with shapes/sizes. the shade availability is especially unique -- unlike other products on the market that only come in black or brown and in a single cookie-cutter size.

i ended up getting a couple different shapes and sizes to suit different moods. it's super easy to tailor them to the exact shape you want using a Q-tip dipped in a bit of rubbing alcohol. i also sometimes flick in a few extra hairlines here and there with a liquid brown pen to increase the natural effect by not making them quite so perfectly symmetrical.

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Heidi C. (Vermont, United States)
Describe Your Experience: Happiest little girl
The smile was so big

I haven’t seen my daughter who is 6 smile that big since she had hair. She loves them and they look real. Her doctor thought she grew eyebrows back.

The Everyday Brow
Miranda A.
Describe Your Experience: Realistic, easy and essential!
Increased self esteem!

My 11 year old daughter has alopecia, and it has been really hard for her. These eyebrows have definitely increased her self esteem. She doesn’t go without them! It is definitely better than trying to draw eyebrows!

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Bethany N. (New Hampshire, United States)
Describe Your Experience: Emotional, Confidence, Easy!
So realistic it made my mom cry!

My mom has always felt weird without her eyebrows, she said she was thinking of getting them tattooed but was unsure if that was something she wanted to do. She put them on and couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror! The eyebrows have a bit of a sheen to them and when she went to bed, she ended up scratching a little of them off in her sleep. She really enjoyed being able to raise her eyebrows again! Her only request was that she wishes they had a salt and pepper option since the gray is too dark for her, and the blonde just looks silly with her white hair.

Assertive Arch
Leslie A. (Oregon, United States)
Describe Your Experience: Go For It!
Found the perfect brows!

I tried a few different styles and colors, and although they all looked really good, I decided on Assertive Arch in medium brown, size large. I'm really happy with this brow style, size and color!

Assertive Arch
Rushika K. (Maharashtra, India)
Describe Your Experience: Easy, Natural, Beautiful
Good Eyebrows!

I loved it how it looks on me. The only thing is that I am an Asian and I needed the brows a little darker shade of black as my skin type. But that's the only thing, otherwise it works best and really easy to apply. Thank you! :)

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lorraine f. (Colorado, United States)
My new Brows

Love them! They do not last 3 days on me because of really oily skin. But from years of plucking and grey/white eyebrows I had none… so love them!!

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Allison S. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Love them!

Love the overall look of the classy curve brows, shape, style, and color are perfect (small/medium brown). They don’t last as long as I hoped (I only get 1 day out of them) but that is because I have an oily T-zone. As someone with brow focused trichotillomania my brows are very sparse, and this saves me so much time from having to manually fill/draw them in every day.

Classy Curve
Susan A. (South Dakota, United States)

I was considering permanent tattoos because I could not get the results I wanted with an eye brow pencil! I was thinking someone should come up with tattoos like my grandkids have….then I found Jason’s site! What a blessing! Tried the sample pack, found my favorite and sent in another order!

My brows stay on a week or longer with a few touch ups! I make sure to wash my brow area thoroughly with alcohol, let it dry and then apply! Since the shine improves when you shower, I apply my new brows before I shower for the day! I also use translucent powder if needed! Give it a try….what do you have to lose??

P.S. My Doctor thought my brows had grown back! She was amazed at how real they looked!

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kara r. (Ohio, United States)
They look so real

My 4 year old daughter has alopecia and it took her hair, eyebrows and lashes. With these she feels amazing having the option to wear eyebrows usually at all times. I just wish the color was not as bright in the natural lighting. We are using the light blonde

Sassy Swerve
Donna S. (Iowa, United States)
No more drawn on brows!

These are a game changer, and while it's taken me a bit to find the size I like, the shade I prefer, and how to get the placement right, so they're both even, these brows aresomething I'll be using as long as I'm able!

Sassy Swerve
Jessica D. (Alberta, Canada)
Best brows!

These sassy swerve brows are amazing and worth every penny

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Shekinah F. (Florida, United States)
Confidence BOOST

I was devastated when my hair fell out and even more so when my lashes and eyebrows followed. Being a pretty resilient and super optimistic woman I adjusted quickly but never felt confident without eyebrows. My two brows did that! I feel great with or without makeup. They are easy to apply and look so natural. A+

Sassy Swerve
Thankful M. (Ontario, Canada)
Great option for brows at any age

My Dtr is 13 and been using these brows for 2 years whenever she wears her wigs, she can apply them by herself, they are so easy and they look great! Thank you!

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Susan A. (South Dakota, United States)
Am I Dreaming….

After loosing my brows to Alopecia Universalis about 4 years ago, I was thinking of getting permanent tattoos; however, I was super apprehensive about how they might turn out! I was wishing there were some temporary tattoos like my grandkids wear on occasion….and then I accidentally ran across “My Two Brows”! I couldn’t believe it! I ordered my sample pack and was thrilled at how natural they look! I am amazed that they last several days at a time! Today is day 4 and they still look great… even after working out at the gym each day!! I can’t thank you enough, Jason, for making this product available! If you haven’t tried them yet…don’t wait another minute! You won’t be disappointed!!

The Everyday Brow
Riley M. (Nevada, United States)
Amazing service!!

Has some of the best eyebrow alternatives I’ve ever seen! They are perfect

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nicole l. (Georgia, United States)
brought back confidence

i lost all my hair to alopecia two years ago when i was 16, this disease made it hard for me to do things any girl my age should be able to, like go swimming, hang out with friends, etc. but usually this is very limited for me, i struggle with my eyebrows a lot because it used to be so time consuming to do them every day, and my microblading faded after a year and the healing process kinda sucked. i found out about these brows two weeks ago and when i tried them is was amazing, i even wore them to the beach and i didn’t feel uncomfortable or insecure bc they are waterproof and i could swim and wash my face. i love how convenient they are and i think they are the most realistic, painless, affordable option out there

Assertive Arch
Miranda c. (Utah, United States)

These are amazing! I lost my eyebrows recently due to alopecia, and these give me all the confidence back.

The Everyday Brow
Heather (New York, United States)
These brows are absolutely beautiful and look so realistic!

I truly can’t begin to thank you enough, Jason, for creating this life changing product! Jason is truly the kindest, most thoughtful person ever! I discovered his small business shortly before an event that I had coming up. I messaged him asking if there was any way to receive the tattoo brows in time for the event, and he cared so much that he rush ordered the brows for me the following morning. Jason is an extremely quick and prompt responder, and he’s such a thoughtful person. The eyebrows are absolutely gorgeous! As someone who’s struggled with trichotillomania for 12 years, I can’t begin to express how nice it is to not have to spend the time drawing my brows on in the morning. It’s such a time saver, and the tattoo brows look so incredibly natural! The best part about this incredible small business is that these brows were created from a place of genuine care for other people! As someone who understands the difficulties that come with hair loss, I’m so appreciative of you, Jason, taking the time to create a product that helps so many! Your kindness, and your eyebrow product line is changing so many lives! The tattoo brows are absolutely beautiful, they look so realistic, and they’re so easy to apply! Thank you so much! :)

The Everyday Brow
Susan M. (Minnesota, United States)
A MUST HAVE FOR EVERYONE WITH ALOPECIA! Best colors, styles & sizes of any brow tattoo brand!

Having eyebrows has changed the way I feel about myself. Looking “normal” after so many years of looking “strange” makes such a huge difference! And I have freckles, so my browlessness isn’t as obvious as it is for some.
If you have alopecia or even eyebrows you dislike, PLEASE try MyTwoBrows! It will change your life!

Classy Curve
Catharine C. (North Carolina, United States)
Great product!

I love these eyebrows! They look so natural! Thanks, Jason, for your wonderful invention!

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Jessika G. (Texas, United States)

I lost all my eyebrows 1 month after competing chemotherapy for breast cancer. I found My Two Brows and ordered the sample kit. I received the order quickly! Just in time for me to wear them for my surgery and they stayed on for 2 days while I was in the hospital and couldn’t deal with penciling in my eyebrows. I even had a radiologist compliment me on my eyebrows. I said “thank you! You will never guess what they are!” And she was shocked and proceeded to check them out further. She said she was going to keep it in my mind for other patients who lose their eyebrows. I would wholeheartedly buy them again, but my eyebrows grew Overnight and I think they are too long to wear these over. But I will no doubt pass the information on to my patients who need them. I love the customer service, product, I also love the fact you get options for color, shape and size!!! Much love, Jessika