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My Two Brows - Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers For Alopecia, Cancer

Looking for a way to stop worrying and feeling depressed over your eyebrow loss? That's what I'm here for.  I'm Jason Berndt, the founder of My Two Brows, and I can help you through your hair loss journey because I lost all of my hair from Alopecia Universalis in 2009.  That means I have over a decade of hair loss experience and I can help you through your brow / hair loss journey by telling you what worked for me over the years and what didn't, ultimately saving you time and money from an arduous process of trial and error.

If you have any questions about My Two Brows simply fill in the form and I'll be in touch with you shortly.  Alternatively, give me a call or email at my contact details below:

Phone: +1-866-495-0763


We operate 5 Days a Week 9am-5pm (EST). Please reach out with any questions you have and I'll get back to you ASAP, usually within a few hours :)

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My Two Brows LLC
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