How it Works

Check out our detailed info page: Everything You Need to Know About These Brows.

My Two Brows temporary eyebrow tattoos are revolutionarily designed to have an ultra-realistic 3-D appearance, with hundreds of intricately hand crafted hair strokes in each eyebrow. They're completely waterproof, scratch resistant, easy to apply, and they last up to 3 days on your face.

These eyebrows are meant for people with little to no hair left in their eyebrows. No hair?  No problem!  But if you have any hair up there, just keep in mind they work best when it is removed - so you may have to ask yourself whether you're willing to shave the excess off.

How to Apply

All you need to apply My Two Brows temporary eyebrow tattoos to your face is water, scissors and a cloth. Here's how to apply them:

  • Scissors to cut My Two Brows

    1. CUT

    Use scissors to cut the eyebrows out of the sheet, and then to separate the two eyebrows.

  • My Two Brows - Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers For Alopecia, Cancer

    2. PLACE

    There are two sides to the temporary eyebrow tattoo.  One side has a plastic film attached to it.  Note which side this is, and remove the plastic film.

    In front of the mirror, firmly press against your eyebrow ridge the side of the eyebrow tattoo sheet which had the plastic film.  The eyebrow designs are printed on both sides of the sheet, so that you can see in the mirror where you're placing them on your face. If you need help determining where to place the eyebrow, I've included an eyebrow mapping image.

  • My Two Brows - Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers For Alopecia, Cancer

    3. PEEL

    Apply a wet cloth evenly to the back of the temporary tattoo for about 20 seconds, and then gently remove the paper.  Say Hello to your new eyebrows!

Note that My Two Brows have a slight shine after application, which will fade after you take your first shower, and wait a few hours. The extra adhesive just needs to be washed away, and then have a few hours to settle.

Having trouble placing the brows?
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How to Remove

Gently rub your temporary tattoo off with a cloth and My Two Brows Smooth Remove Temporary Tattoo Removal Oil. Alternatively, use any makeup remover, baby oil or rubbing-alcohol.