1.  How does the Sample Pack work?

A Sample Pack gets you started. You'll receive each brow we carry, in all styles and sizes. You just choose the color.  There should be enough to last you a couple of weeks, and decide on your favorite brow.


2.  What happens after the Sample Pack?

After you get your Sample Pack, choose which brow you like best and reorder in that style, size & color.  We'll ship you whichever eyebrow you choose. By then, you will have tried different styles, colors and sizes to know which one or two you like best. From there, if you choose to subscribe to the Monthly Brows Membership,  We’ll automatically ship you refill sheets to replenish your brow supply every 1, 2, 3 or 4 months (you choose).


3.  Why should I get these brows?

Well, when you get super realistic looking waterproof brows delivered automatically, you'll always look and feel your best. You won't have to worry anymore that people notice you don't have brows.  You'll even start to forget about your brow problems.


4.  Are your brows any good?

They certainly are. These are award winning brows made with the best waterproof adhesives and state-of-the-art designs & size options. You’ll see the difference.


5.  How long do they last?

Your eyebrows will generally last up to 3 days. 


6.  How can I remove them?

Simply rub them off with a cloth and rubbing alcohol.


7.  Who are they for?

My Two Brows are designed to deliver natural looking eyebrows for those of us who don't have any eyebrows at all. Some people just don't have eyebrows due to complications like Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Hashimoto's Disease, other Thyroid complications, or Cancer.


8.  Who are they not for?

My Two Brows only work on faces that have no or very little hair.  So, if you have a bunch of hair up there, or even a modest amount, you'll have to shave it off to use My Two Brows.  But if you already have no hair up there?  Then no problem!


9. Do you make styles for both men and women? Kids?

Yes, we carry a variety of styles and sizes which can be used by both men, women and children. The key here is that we offer different sizes, which is generally the biggest difference in men's and women's eyebrows. Generally women order smaller sizes, and men order larger sizes. 


10.  Are they safe to use?

Yes!  All of the eyebrows are made with eco-friendly materials, and have passed safety standards testing in accordance with SGS international.  If you're allergic to adhesive products, they could cause a reaction.  Test them first on a non-sensitive part of your skin, to make sure.


11.  How do they work?

My Two Brows stick to your skin with a water activated adhesive. This means water won't make them smudge off, and instead, strengthens their bond!


12.  Do you offer different styles and colors?

Yes!  Currently, you can select from 6 styles in 11 different colors.  Styles include The Everyday-Brow, Sassy Swerve, Classy Curve, Confident Contour,  Assertive Arch, and Inquisitive Inflection. 


13.  Do you offer different sizes?

You bet. We offer extra-small (1.8 in / 45mm), small (2.0 in / 50mm), medium (2.2 in / 55mm), large (2.4 in/ 60mm) and extra-large (2.6 in / 65mm).


14.  Where do you ship to?

We ship everywhere in the world!  And shipping within the USA is FREE!