1.  How does the free sample pack work?

A Sample Pack gets you started. You'll receive each brow I carry, in all 5 styles, 2 colours and 3 sizes. There should be enough to last you a couple of weeks, which is just long enough to get you hooked!


2.  What happens after the free Sample Pack?

1 month after you get your Sample Pack, I'll ship you whichever eyebrow you choose. By then, you will have tried different styles, colours and sizes to know which one or two you like best. From there, I’ll automatically ship you refill sheets to replenish your brow supply every month. If that shipment frequency doesn’t fit your needs, then don’t worry. You’ve got total control of what ships and when.


3.  Why should I get it?

Well, when you get super realistic looking waterproof brows delivered automatically, you'll always look and feel your best. So that's good. And you won't run out of brows at an inopportune time, having to wait for them to ship. Also good. AND you don't have to spend time every month sitting down and making an order.


4.  Are your brows any good?

Indeed they are. I’ve got award winning brows made with the best waterproof adhesives and state-of-the-art designs & size options. You’ll see the difference.


5.  Is this one of those subsciption plans that's super hard to cancel?

No way. I truly do hope you stay, but I don’t make it hard to leave. It’s easy to cancel online from a link sent to your inbox.


6.  How long do they last?

Your eyebrows will generally last between 3-7 days, depending on your use.


7.  Who are they for?

My Two Brows are designed to deliver natural looking eyebrows for those of us who don't have any eyebrows at all. Some people just don't have eyebrows due to complications like Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Hashimoto's Disease, other Thyroid complications, or Cancer.


8.  Who are they not for?

My Two Brows only work on faces that have no or very little hair.  So, if you have a bunch of hair up there, or even a modest amount, you'll have to shave or wax it off to use My Two Brows.  But if you already have no hair up there?  Then no problem!


9. Do you make styles for both men and women? Kids?

Yes, we carry a variety of styles and sizes which can be used by both men, women and children. The key here is that we offer different sizes, which is generally the biggest difference in men's and women's eyebrows. Generally women order size small, and men order size large. Also, the Sassy Swerve is more of a lady's brow, as the Inquisitive Inflection is more of a man's brow.


10.  Are they safe to use?

Yes!  All of the eyebrows are made with eco-friendly materials, and have passed safety standards testing in accordance with SGS international.


11.  How do they work?

My Two Brows stick to your skin with a water activated adhesive. This means water won't make them smudge off, and instead, strengthens their bond!


12.  Do you offer different styles and colours?

Yes!  Currently, you can select from 5 styles in either Natural Black or Chestnut Brown.  Styles include The Everyday-BrowConfident Contour, Inquisitive Inflection, Assertive Arch, and Sassy Swerve.


13.  Do you offer different sizes?

You bet. We offer small, medium and large.


14.  Where do you ship to?

We ship everywhere in the world, for free on all paid orders!

★ Reviews

What our clients have to say about us:

84 reviews

I've been using these brows for a few months now and they're so much better than other brands I've tried. They are not shiny like others so they look more realistic. It's also easy to order now that they've simplified sizes and have a monthly subscription option.

Love my monthly brows 😍

I get my favorite brows every month and never run out. I love them so much, I definitely recommend them!


I've been wearing the Everyday Brow in size medium for almost 3 months now... I can say, without a doubt, that these brows changed my life.
In January 2021, I spiraled into a deep depression I couldn't shake when I completely lost my eyebrows. In February 2021, I found My Two Brows... It was love at first try on!!! They last anywhere from 3-5 days, doing everything from mowing, working out, gardening, showering - you name it, they stayed!
Never again will my eyebrows be the source of my depression. Thank you Jason!

Emily, your words here really warm my heart. I'm so happy to hear what you've had to say, specifically that these eyebrows have changed your life. You look so happy now! :)

Your friend, Jason

Fabulous brows

Was approached by Jason to try out his sample pack and of course I snapped his fingers off and I'm so glad I did. They are amazing and make such a difference to my appearance. Will definitely be ordering again soon. X

I appreciate you posting that photo Kerry. Looking awesome!!!!

Your friend, Jason

Love These Thanks Jason 💖😘

My Daughter Has Alopecia Universalis So We Have Tried A Few Different Types Of Tattoo Eyebrows By Far These Are The Best So Easy To Put On And Stay On For A Few Days Lots Of Different Style's And Colours Highly Recommend

Kayla, thank you so much for the feedback, and I am soooo happy for you and your daughter!!! This is just so great!

By the way, I just rolled out a subscription option that I call My Monthly Brows. Check it out - can be great to make sure you always have a set on hand!!!

Your friend, Jason