Welcome to our new Pre-Order eyebrow selection, with new colors, sizes and styles! 

  • 11 Colors total to choose from!
  • Sizing completely re-designed and consistent between styles in order to accommodate faces of all sizes.  Measurements are taken from the inside tip of the eyebrow to the furthest point on the outside of the eyebrow, in a straight line:
    • Extra-Small (1.8 in or 45mm)
    • Small (2.0 in or 50mm)
    • Medium (2.2 in or 55mm)
    • Large (2.4 in or 60mm)
    • Extra-Large (2.6 in or 65mm)
    • If you're unsure, just order an "All Sizes" sheet in whichever style & color you like best or a Sample Pack.
  •  If you like the size you had before, use the table below to know which size to order now :)
  •  6 Styles total, with the addition of the new "Classy Curve" style!
  • After ordering, your selected sheet will go into production within 2 weeks and then be sent to you within 1.5 months.  The reason for this is because I will initially stock eyebrows based on demand.  Once you order a specific brow sheet, I will print hundreds of copies because your order has shown a demand for it, and you'll never again wait for it to be printed.
 Style Old Size Closest New Size

Sassy Swerve Small (51mm) Small (50mm)
Medium (57mm)
Medium (55mm)
Large (62mm) Large (60mm)
The Everyday Brow Small (58mm) Large (60mm)
Medium (60mm) Large (60mm)
Large (64mm) Extra-Large (65mm)

Assertive Arch Small (57mm) Medium (55mm)

Medium (63mm) Extra-Large (65mm)

Large (68mm) Extra-Large (65mm)
Confident Contour Small (57mm) Medium (55mm)
Medium (62mm) Large (60mm)
Large (67mm) Extra-Large (65mm)
Inquisitive Inflection Small (57mm) Medium (55mm)
Medium (60mm) Large (60mm)
Large (62mm) Extra-Large (65mm)