Choose your color

Color tips: 

  1. Choose a color that's 1 shade darker than your natural hair or wig.

  2. No need to overthink it! Take a minute to make your best guess at color, and trust your judgement. You can always experiment with slightly different shades later on.

  3. Dark Brown is our most popular color, and is a great starting point for most people. If you have black hair, go with Natural Black for your brow color.

Choose your size

Size Tips: 

  1. As a general rule, most women wear a size Medium or Large, most men wear a size Large or Extra-Large, and most kids wear a size Small or Extra-Small. Those are good starting points to get some brows ASAP!

  2. If you have a ruler handy, you can use a quick "brow mapping" technique to determine where your eyebrows should begin and end, then measure the distance between those points to find your exact size - (see image below).
  3. Don't have a ruler? Just use our Virtual Mirror tool see how different sizes will look on your face in real time.

  4. Just like choosing a color, don't get stuck worrying about the size too much. Grabbing a Sample Pack along with your first order is always a great idea, as it will include every size (and every style) we make for you to test them all out.

Try the brows on now using our new Virtual Mirror!