Missing Brows? - These are the Best Makeup for No Eyebrows

Missing Brows? - These are the Best Makeup for No Eyebrows

Makeup for missing eyebrows is fairly easy to find these days. The beauty supply market features a range of choices that even beginners find useful and convenient in their daily routines. However, three main concerns when narrowing down the best brow products for sparse brows, or even the best eyebrow filler for beginners, are:

  1. The difficulty level
  2. The time it takes to accomplish
  3. Personal preference

Because of this, we have designed a product that not only provides a quick and easy way of filling in missing or thin brows but we also made sure to provide each customer with ample options to figure out which is best suited to their individual needs.

Below, we discuss what we believe is the best brow product for sparse brows, along with our top alternatives:

Best Makeup For Missing Eyebrows or Thinning Eyebrows

You have a few options when determining which type of makeup for missing eyebrows suits you best. Here are a few ways to fill in sparse or missing eyebrows:

1. Pencil or Powder

    Eyebrow Pencil

    Eyebrow pencils or powders are two easy ways to mimic the natural hairlines and pigment of your brows. They are so user-friendly that they are now one of the most popular choices for both beginners and experienced makeup users. Some products make it easier to blend into your skin to reduce harsh lines and the chances of them looking overdrawn.

    This can be applied daily by creating small brush-like strokes, which are usually very easy to blend, should you make a mistake.

    Unfortunately, drawn-on eyebrows are also quick to melt off when you start sweating or enter a sauna, pool, or shower.  

    2. Tinting

      Eyebrow Tinting

      Eyebrow tints come in a liquid dye form and are designed to color the brow hairs temporarily. They are also waterproof and water-resistant, which makes them perfect for summer getaways and long days spent at the beach.

      Each application typically lasts about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on lifestyle, hair type, and what other beauty products you add to your routine.

      3. Growth Serums

        Growth Serums

        Growth serums are infused with the necessary proteins, peptides, and other nourishing ingredients to promote natural hair growth in the areas you need most. These are simply brushed onto the thin eyebrows twice daily (once in the morning, then again in the evening).

        The more natural option under growth serums is Castor Oil, which contains ricinoleic acid that has proven to reduce hair loss, though it is not a guaranteed solution to growing it.

        4. Gels

        Eyebrow Gel

        Eyebrow gels are perfect for taming and shaping sparse eyebrow hairs. They usually come in a clear brow gel or tinted in various shades, with a few fibers incorporated to mimic natural brow lines and help them appear lusher. With gels, a simple swipe can instantly fill in most, if not all, gaps while shaping and taming hair strands at the same time.

        5. Microblading


          As opposed to the options above that require daily application, microblading is a method that offers a semi-permanent way to fill in brows. With microblading, you may get your eyebrow hair drawn on through the insertion of pigments under your skin. Depending on your skin tones and type, your lifestyle, and how often you go in for maintenance, it can last anywhere from 18 months to 30 months.

          6. Temporary Eyebrow Stickers

          Temporary eyebrow stickers
          My Two Brows Virtual Mirror

          Temporary eyebrow stickers are the best eyebrow makeup for no eyebrows. They have an ultra-realistic 3D appearance that mimics the hair-like strokes in each brow. They provide an easy application as well. You put the eyebrows on your forehead, dab them with a wet cloth, and gently remove the paper. The application lasts for about a week and is waterproof and resistant to scratches, so you can exercise and live your daily life without worrying about losing a brow or smudging your makeup.

          How to Map Your Brows?

          Whether you prefer clean and sculpted or thick and messy brows, mapping your brow hair with an eyebrow pencil is crucial if you want symmetrical eyebrows. Even better, it is only a 3-step process:

          Eyebrow Mapping

          Step 1: Place the tip of your pencil vertically, starting at the dimple of your nose to the inner corner of your eye. Mark this point as the front.

          Step 2: Then, from the dimple of your nose, lay your pencil towards your brow so that it is diagonally in line with the outside of your iris. Mark this point as the arch.

          Step 3: Lastly, with the pencil still on the dimple of your nose, tilt it further to the side of your nostril and the corner of your eye. Mark this point as the tail.

          Simply outline the top of your brow by connecting these 3 points with your pencil, then follow suit with the bottom. The thickness is entirely up to you.

          If you prefer not to map out your eyebrows, applying temporary eyebrow stickers is your best option. Before sealing them in with moisture, you can already confirm if they are symmetrical with one another and are the right size for your preference.


          1. How can I cover my missing eyebrows?

            You may easily cover your missing eyebrows using a brow pencil, powder, brow gel, or microblading or tinting sessions. You can also use temporary eyebrow stickers that instantly fill your desired brow shape.

            2. What is the best product for no eyebrows?

              Temporary eyebrow stickers are the best product for those with no eyebrows as they can be applied in a few seconds, are easy for beginners, and can last up to a week. Moreover, they comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

              3. What is best to fill in sparse eyebrows?

                The best product to fill in sparse eyebrows are eyebrow pencils, powders, or gels, as these can easily be applied daily to have thicker brows that can be lusher and/ or darker in an instant. 

                You’re All Set!

                As you probably know, eyebrows are one of your face’s most important features. They bring everything together by framing your eyes and even softening your cheekbones.

                If you have sparse eyebrows or no eyebrows at all, there is a variety of makeup for missing eyebrows available today. Access to these is easier now than ever; finding the right one for you takes little time and practice. Our personal pick are temporary eyebrow tattoos that stay on for days and look more realistic than any other option.

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