FMT a cure for Alopecia?

I've had alopecia univseralis for 10 years now.  A decade.  That's a long time.  And even as a guy, it is a difficult thing to get used to.  I've been wearing wigs and fake eyebrows (now wearing my own product line, My Two Brows) for over 5 years!  So, is there a cure for Alopecia?  Not that we know of... but it seems like science may be getting closer and closer.

Different products people have been using, like Methotrexate or JAK inhibitor drugs, such as Xeljanz seem to have an effect for some people.  Talk about expensive though!  And what about the side effects of these drugs?  I had an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial with these drugs.  Although it was tempting, I passed!

Now, what's interesting is this new talk of FMT, or Fecal Microbiota Transplants.  I know - it sounds gross.  And it probably is.  But just check out this case study, published by the NCBI, showing hope for us all.  Now, maybe it's a miracle, or maybe a coincidence.  I'm no doctor, but I do get hope from this article. What's better yet is that clinical trials like this one are about to start for patients with Alopecia to see if we get our hair back from FMT.  Yes, it's disgusting, but sign me up, coach! 

Who knows, maybe this will all become of a thing of the past.  We can only hope, right?


What do you think?


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