How to Grow Eyebrows: Regrow Brows with These Practical Hacks

How to Grow Eyebrows: Regrow Brows with These Practical Hacks

Tired of thinning or patchy eyebrows? This article is just what you are looking for. There can be multiple factors behind hair loss within your eyebrows and they can range from a common case of overplucking to a more serious concern of skin disease. No matter the reasons for eyebrow hair loss, you can learn many methods on how to grow eyebrows back in this article.

We’ll teach you all the secrets to growing thicker, more natural brow hairs without any surgery or intense procedures.

How can I grow my eyebrows?

A great way to stimulate eyebrow growth is through a slow but steady change in lifestyle. What you put into your system and how you treat your body ultimately both have a great impact on your health and how your body functions – including hair growth.

Some of the best lifestyle changes you can adopt are:

Grow eyebrows fast with Aloe Vera gel

Grow eyebrows fast with Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera has many uses. Not only does it help relieve acne, rashes, burns, dry skin, and more, but it can also promote hair growth. Its natural chemical makeup is not too far from that of keratin, a product used in most if not all professional salons.

Because of its natural ingredients, it has been proven to help with moisturizing hair and stimulating hair growth. You can apply aloe vera by simply massaging it onto your brow hair and waiting for your skin to absorb its nutrients. This can be done up to 3 times a day for better results.

Quit plucking


Eyebrows grow in a cycle of three to four months. This means that the safest time to pluck is only every 12 to 16 weeks, and even then, we only recommend targeting those that are not near your brow line. If there are stray strands close to the brow line, we suggest leaving those alone and grooming them by brushing the brows instead.

By lessening the amount and frequency of plucking, you may reduce the chances of damage to your hair follicles and can enjoy fuller and stronger strands of hair in the long run.

Try some trickery

My Two Brows’ temporary eyebrows

My Two Brows Virtual Mirror

There are days when you need full and thick brows, and you need them right away. The good news is, there is a surefire way to perfect brows in no time: By using temporary eyebrow stickers from My Two Brows.

These are not only great for special occasions or for when you don’t feel like grooming your brows for the day, but they also work as a great cover-up while waiting for your natural hairline to grow back.

My Two Brows’ temporary eyebrows come in 11 different colors, 5 different sizes, and 5 different styles. This guarantees you find the right fit and look every time!

Eat Right to Get Bushy Brows

What we eat affects our overall health. We’re not just talking about the number on the scale or mood swings, either – it can affect the appearance of our hair as well! Similar to reaching a healthy weight, this method does not have instant results. Instead, it is a steady lifestyle change you’ll want to make to ensure your hair stays healthy in the long run.

The best things you can eat to promote hair health are food packed with proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins. Moreover, it is important to get enough water to keep your skin hydrated enough to support healthy hair growth.

Stop tweezing, trimming, and threading – get a brow artist instead

In addition to lessening the times you pluck, the same goes for tweezing, trimming, and threading. It is completely normal for some parts of your brows to grow faster than the rest, and it is important that you fight the urge to tweeze the odd one out.

By letting your brows grow, and preferably finding a brow artist that knows how to protect your brow growth process, you can preserve your brow health long-term.

How can I grow my eyebrows naturally?

Apart from the lifestyle changes above that you can slowly incorporate into your daily routine, there are some home remedies that can help with eyebrow growth. While these will take a little more patience and discipline, they can be just as effective.

1. Coconut oil

    Coconut oil

    Much like aloe vera, coconut oil has been proven to offer many benefits and uses. Not only can it be used as a cooking oil, but it is also a great dietary supplement. Moreover, it has many benefits for both the skin and hair when used topically.

    It has been known to increase hair growth and give a thicker appearance to growing eyebrows.

    2. Tea tree oil

      Tea tree oil

      Tea tree oil has been known to create a moisturizing barrier for both cellular and follicular health. This in turn promotes eyebrow growth and hair thickness.

      However, tea tree oil is more popularly used in treating cuts and other types of open wound injuries. This can somehow relate to the stimulation of hair growth because of its global usage as a skin treatment. It is available over the counter and is also offered in stores other than pharmacies.

      3. Lavender Oil

        Lavender Oil

        When one thinks of lavender oil, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is its ability to soothe and calm the nervous system. Not many know that, when applied topically, it can also help in preventing hair loss.

        The way we understand its relation to hair loss is that lavender oil is a great treatment for stress. Stress is a great factor in hair loss. Through this, it can indirectly lessen the risk of thinning or patchy eyebrows, especially during worrisome times.

        4. Saw palmetto

          Saw palmetto

          Saw palmetto is a type of plant that grows berries and is used as an oral supplement geared towards treating hair loss. Some opt to eat the berries directly, while others prefer extracts, capsules, or the tea form. More often than not, saw palmetto is not applied topically.

          While research pertaining to its contributions to eyebrow growth is still limited, saw palmetto does have an extensive range of studies backing up its advantages for overall health.

          5. Grooming

            There’s grooming, and then there’s proper grooming. By using smart grooming techniques, you not only achieve the eyebrow shape and thickness you want, but you can also preserve its health. Some tips include:

            • Do not over-pluck or over tweeze
            • When plucking out stray hairs, do so in dull lighting. Having too much light leads to over-plucking.
            • Do not press down too harshly when using eyebrow pencils.
            • Brush your brows every day using an eyebrow brush or spoolie.

            All of these tips can help prevent follicle damage and therefore maintain your brow health.

            6. De-stress


              Similar to the hair on our scalp, our brows can also start to thin when we are extra stressed. The production of too many stress hormones can lead to telogen effluvium, which is a condition where our hair growth cycle shifts. This leaves temporary patches until our hormones stabilize.

              In relation to this, trichotillomania is one’s tendency to pull out hair when stressed and is more common than most realize.

              7. Bimatoprost

                Bimatoprost is a type of medication that has been FDA approved to help in eyelash regrowth. While studies of its effect in eyebrow growth are still limited, it has shown positive results for overall hair growth.

                8. Olive oil

                  Olive oil

                  Olive oil is a popular ingredient in products used to moisturize the skin and hair. Studies suggest that not only can it help hydrate hair, it can also stimulate its growth.

                  9. Massage

                    Research suggests that massaging your scalp can promote hair growth and hair thickness. This is due to the enhanced blood circulation around the area, which is a huge factor in hair health. While there is little to no studies suggesting the same for eyebrows, it can’t hurt to give it a try - just be gentle!

                    Do serums help eyebrows grow faster?

                    Eyebrow Growth Serum

                    Even if you haven’t dived deep into the world of eyebrow care yet, chances are you’ve heard of the term “serums”. Serum is a type of skincare product applied topically and is said to deliver high concentrations of important nutrients directly into your skin.

                    Because of how it is absorbed into the system, they are known to be one of the most effective products in the skincare world. Growth serum, in particular, is easy to use and can be found almost anywhere. While not all products are made equal, we suggest looking for one infused with peptides as these are what aid in hair growth. Brow serum without any peptides are mostly helpful in strengthening brow hair follicles and keeping the area hydrated.


                    1. How can I regrow my lost eyebrows?

                      Regrow eyebrows with the use of growth serums, topical oils, de-stressing, a balanced diet, and by not over-plucking them.

                      2. Is it possible to grow your eyebrows back?

                        Yes, it is possible to grow your eyebrow hair! Depending on the cause of hair loss, there are many types of medication, topical oils, treatments, and the like to stimulate hair growth.

                        3. How can I stimulate my eyebrows to grow?

                          The best way to stimulate eyebrow hair growth is to feed your system with the nutrients it needs to grow hair. This includes using growth serum with peptides and having a diet rich in vitamins and proteins. It also helps to prevent follicle damage by staying away from plucking and keeping your hormones stable by keeping stress-free.

                          4. Can eyebrow hair loss grow back?

                            Yes, oftentimes, eyebrow hair loss is just temporary and can grow back through trying different methods.

                            You’re All Set!

                            That’s all there is to it! Now that you know various ways on how to grow eyebrows and keep them thick, there is no better time than now to figure out which method works best for you.

                            While waiting for your brows to grow back, or if you opt for an instant way to gain natural brows, check out all the beautiful temporary eyebrow stickers found in My Two Brows website!

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