Henna Brows: A Comprehensive Guide for Brow Tinting

Henna Brows: A Comprehensive Guide for Brow Tinting

Henna brows are a fantastic way to cover patches and brow bald spots. The dye used in henna is often derived from dried leaves of the henna shrub. It is vegan-friendly, FDA-approved for hair, and has been used on both the skin and hair for thousands of years.

In your search for the perfect eyebrow loss solution, henna may not have come up as often as microblading or powder brows and perhaps that is because henna does now last as long on the hair as the other two. However, it doesn’t make it any less effective when looking to get natural-looking brows back.

In this article, we discuss all things henna - from a quick comparison between treatments, the benefits you can enjoy, and what you can expect from henna brows.

What Is A Henna Brow and How Does It Work?

What Is A Henna Brow and How Does It Work?

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A henna brow is when you apply the henna dye to your eyebrows to fill up gaps in between strands and make them look bolder and more defined. It works by having the dye stay on both your hair and skin for an extended period.

Is Henna Brow Tinting any good?

Yes, henna brow tinting has been around for thousands of years and is made of mostly natural materials. Not only is it safe on the hair and skin, but it is also a great way for an artist to shape and define your sparse or thinning brows.

Henna can also last up to 6 weeks on brow hair and up to 2 weeks on the skin, which is great for those who do not want to commit to a cosmetic treatment that stays on for years but still want something that lasts longer than regular eyebrow makeup.

Quick Comparison Between Henna Brow Tint and Regular Brow Dye

Compared to regular brow tint, henna brows can last longer and offer a more defined look. Brow dye typically fades within 3 weeks on the brow hair, and a few days on the skin, and is mostly recommended for those who want to enhance their brows - not necessarily fill in patches.

A lot of individuals are also allergic to regular brow dye, which is why the natural henna serves as a great alternative. While henna brows may cost a little more, this treatment offers bolder brows for a longer period.

Henna Brows vs Microblading vs Powder Brows: Which is better?

Henna Brow vs Microblading vs Powder Brows

Both microblading and powder brows involve inserting pigment into a shallow layer of the skin. Microblading can last up to 2 years while powder brows can go up to 3 years, with both procedures requiring a touch-up.

Henna brows, on the other hand, do not involve any needles or sharp tools. All it requires is a doe-tipped applicator to gently apply the colored tint on your brow line. It is also more affordable compared to the two other procedures, but can only last up to 6 weeks.

Lastly, it is important to consider the aftercare of powder brows, microblading, and henna dye. The latter has little to no downtime except needing to keep the brow away from water for at least 24 hours - microblading and powder brow healing can take weeks.

All are great options and which one is better for you depends on the condition of your brows. Those with little to no eyebrows left may find that microblading or powder brows offer the best results and those with patchy or sparse brows could prefer henna dye to just enhance the volume.

The Potential Benefits of Henna Brows

There are quite a few potential benefits that henna dye can offer your brows, including:

Natural Look without Pain

Henna does not need any needles in application and it results in a very natural yet subtle tint.

Healing Capacity of Henna Dye

Since henna dye is derived from plants, it has natural nutrients that help nourish skin and help keep hair follicles strong.

The Advantageous Staying Power of Henna Brow Tint

A henna dye can last up to six weeks compared to the usual 3-day tint of a regular dye.

Revamping Eyebrow Aesthetics with Henna

Henna brows are said to give a similar effect to ombre brows, which makes it a great alternative when you are not ready for a 3-year commitment yet.

Transform Sparse Brows into Fuller Brows with Henna

Henna tint does wonders for redefining and shaping the brows, especially if they are over-plucked or the brows are naturally too thin.

Are you a Candidate for Henna Brows?

Are you a Candidate for Henna Brows?

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Before having henna dye applied to your brows, it is best to first determine if you are a suitable candidate. The most important factors to consider are:

The Influence of Skin Type on Henna Brow Results

Because the dye needs something to latch onto, henna works best when applied on clean and dry skin. Those with combination skin may find favorable results, depending on just how much oil the skin naturally produces. However, those with oily skin may find that their henna dye fades faster than usual.

Henna Brow Suitability for Sensitive Skin

Henna is often made up of natural ingredients and is safe for those with sensitive skin. However, some henna powder is mixed with certain ingredients to help get the right color match or even lemon juice to make it last longer.

Importance of Patch Test Prior to Henna Brow Treatment

While the ingredients are generally safe, they are not guaranteed to prevent an allergic reaction for everyone. For this reason, doing a quick patch test before applying the product to the whole area is highly recommended.

Skin On The Day Of Treatment

If on the day of your appointment, you notice any cuts, burns, or signs of eczema on your brow area, it is best to reschedule so as not to trigger an allergic reaction.

Overcoming Sparse Brows: Is Henna the Solution?

A henna tint is a great way to fill in any patchy spots or sparse brows. This not only helps in enhancing your brow hair but it also tints the skin underneath, providing a more thorough coverage.

Getting Your Henna Brows Done: What to Expect

Getting your brows tinted with henna is a similar process to having them done with regular dye. Those with experience in the latter would have a good idea as to what to expect.

Preparation Before Undergoing Henna Brow Tinting

Preparation Before Undergoing Henna Brow Tinting

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Before starting, the artist first cleans the brows, making sure there are no dirt or oils left. This step ensures that the dye sticks to the hair and skin better.

Once it is cleaned and dry, your brow line will be mapped out to ensure an even and natural-looking arch. It is also important that your brow shape enhances your face and compliments your features. To help smoothen this step, we recommend not plucking your brows before a session as your natural hairs help map out the look.

mapping brows to ensure an even and natural-looking arch

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Henna Brow Application: The Process Uncovered

Once the brows have been mapped out, henna dye is gently applied to the area from tail to middle. This helps give a soft, gradual effect that leaves a darker tail.

This is then left to dry for 15 minutes and any excess will be removed.

 Henna Brow Application

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Everything You Need to Know About Henna Brow Aftercare

Contrary to other brow procedures, the henna dye has only a little aftercare involved. This includes:

  • No rubbing on the treated area for the first 48 hours
  • No heat treatment for the first 48 hours
  • No water on the area for the first 24 to 48 hours
  • No makeup on brows for the first 48 hours
  • No sunbathing, swimming, or sauna for the first 48 hours
  • No perfumed products on or near the area for the first 48 hours
  • No waxing, exfoliating, facial scrubs, peels, nato-aging products, and the like for the first 48 hours.

Keep them protected for two full days and you should be able to get back to your routine 3 days post-treatment.

Addressing The Duration: Weeks on the Hair and Stain on the Skin

The henna dye is applied on both the brow hair and the skin underneath. It can last up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair. Regular touch-ups are easy to schedule around and highly recommended.

Touch-ups: Maintaining Your Henna Brows for That Flawless Look

Many factors can speed up dye fading such as sun exposure, sweating, exfoliating, and the like. It would be best to get a touch-up every 6 to 8 weeks to keep your henna-dyed brows looking bold, defined, and natural.

Henna Brow vs Traditional Eyebrow Tinting: A Comparative Analysis

Henna Brow vs Traditional Eyebrow Tinting

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Here’s a closer look at the main differences between a henna brow tint and a traditional brow tine.

Eyebrow Definition

Because the dye stains the skin for a longer period, henna brows offer a more defined look compared to traditional tints. Traditional tint works best if you do not have very patchy or thinning brows since the color mainly only sticks to the existing hair. If you are looking for a solution to brows falling out, henna can offer a fuller result.

Durability of Henna Brow Tints vs Traditional Tints

A traditional brow tint typically lasts only a few days on the skin and about 3 weeks on brow hair, while henna brows can last up to 2 weeks on the skin and 6 weeks on brow hair.

The Difference in Aftercare: Henna Brows vs Regular Brow Tints

The aftercare for both henna brows and regular tinted brows are quite similar. The more you stay away from activities that could fade out the brow faster, the better.

Allergic Reactions

While allergic reactions are still possible with either treatment, henna is known to be the gentler solution of the two because it is mainly made out of plants.

Henna vs Traditional Brow Tint: A Final Verdict

A henna tint is more defined, offers fuller-looking brows, can last longer on both the hair and skin, has a similar aftercare to traditional tint, and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Overall, henna tint offers more benefits.

What else to try instead of Henna Brows?

If the thought of having henna dye on your brows doesn’t sit quite right with you, there is another temporary tattoo solution we think you’d love. My Two Brows offers a 3-step brow application that is just as easy to apply as it is to wipe off. Once you have chosen your brow style, size, and color, all you have to do is align the product on your face and dab a wet cloth on it. Once ready, peel off the transfer paper and you now have natural-looking brows in under a minute!

My Two Brows 3-step brow application

My Two Brows 3-step brow application

My Two Brows Virtual Mirror

What’s great about this solution is that you can easily take it out if you want to change your brow style, and it can last up to 3 days if you keep it on. Moreover, it comes in 5 different styles, 5 different sizes, and 11 different colors to ensure there’s a natural-looking brow for everyone.

Order your FREE SAMPLE PACK today to find the brows fit for you.


How long do henna brows last?

Henna brows last up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the brows.

What are the disadvantages of henna brows?

The disadvantage of henna brows is that it does not stay as long on oily skin. It also fades faster with more exposure to water, sun, and facial treatments.

Is henna brows better than microblading or powder brows?

Henna brows are a different treatment than microblading or powder brows in many forms. One is not necessarily better than the other and it all depends on your preferences, brow look goals, budget, and commitment period.

Who is not a good candidate for henna brows?

Those with oily skin, skin conditions, and an allergy to the henna dye ingredients are not good candidates for the treatment.

You’re All Set!

Henna brows can be a great solution to sparse, patchy, or thinning brows especially when you are either on a budget or do not want to commit to treatments that last years. They also slightly resemble ombre brows so if you are thinking of getting the latter one day, consider henna your practice pair!

My Two Brows also offers an affordable solution with a very low commitment level (3 days or less) with the option to switch up your brow style whenever you like. At the end of the day, multiple brow solutions offer a way to gain back your natural look and you have the freedom to test out which works best for you.

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