How to Perfectly Use an Eyebrow Stencil Kit for Flawless Brows

Ultimate Guide: How to Perfectly Use an Eyebrow Stencil Kit for Flawless Brows

The concept of having flawlessly shaped brows dates back all the way to the early 1920’s. Over a century has passed and multiple tricks and tools have emerged to help individuals get the perfect brow shape. One of the tools that have since risen in popularity is eyebrow stencils.

Especially when there is an absence of a brow outline, shaping is not only frustrating but it can also be too difficult to achieve on a daily basis. With stencils, it’s much easier to get consistency at a faster pace, leading to more people using brow stencil kits for their morning routine.

Below, we delve deeper into eyebrow stamp and stencil kits, how to use eyebrow stencils, and practical tips for beginners.

What is an Eyebrow Stencil Kit and How Does it Work?

What is an Eyebrow Stencil Kit and How Does it Work?

An eyebrow stencil kit is a perfect tool that helps you achieve instant brows in the exact shape you want them. Each kit comes with multiple stencils that you can use to fill in your brow line, essentially “coloring” within the empty space and drawing your preferred brow.

The stencils come in different lengths, arch heights, and thickness, serving as a one-stop-shop for anyone trying to find their ideal shape. What makes these stencils convenient is that they can work for those with brow loss at any level. Whether you are experiencing thinning brows or total brow loss, these stencils step in to save the day in a matter of minutes.

Choosing the Right Eyebrow Stencil Kit for Your Brow Shape

Choosing the Right Eyebrow Stencil Kit for Your Brow Shape

A great thing with stencil kits is that you’re left with multiple shapes to choose from. This not only means you get to test out different looks, but you also get the chance to find what suits you best. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right eyebrow stencil for you:

Brow Bone

Even with sparse brows, you can determine how high or low your brow bone is. For those with naturally higher brow bones, opt for stencils with a higher arch for a more natural look. Similarly, those with lower brow bones may be better suited with low-arch stencils.

Natural Length

After determining your arch height, use your brow line to determine the length of your tail. The closer to the natural shape you fill in, the more realistic the results.

Adjust The Thickness

Over the years, brow trends have gone from skinny to bushy and all else in between. While arch height and tail length are major factors in getting a natural brow, the thickness is where you can be more playful. Those who want thick and bold should use wider stencils while those who want a minimal look can stick to slim stencils.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Using an Eyebrow Stencil Kit

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Using an Eyebrow Stencil Kit

Eyebrow stencil kits are one of the most beginner-friendly brow tools on the market. They only require 4 easy steps and can achieve your desired look in minutes.

Step 1: Choose Your Stencil

Above, we have a quick guide on how you can choose the right stencil based on your natural brow line and personal preference. Don’t be afraid to explore different options, a shape you never considered before may just surprise you.

Step 2: Get In Position

Once you have your chosen stencil, align it on your brow bone.

Step 3: Fill In Your Brows

Some stencil kits come with an eyebrow pencil, others come with brow powder, and still others come with brow stamps, such as the kit from My Two Brows. With stamps, all you have to do is choose your desired brow color, twist to apply the pigment, and gently dab into the stencil, filling in all the spaces. Stamps are much faster compared to using powder or pencils as each dab covers a wide area.

Step 4: Blend

The last step is to take the spoolie and blend in your stamped-on brows till it fully mimics a natural look. Simply repeat steps 2 to 4 over the other brow and you’re ready for the day!

Tips and Tricks for Beginners Using Eyebrow Stencils

Tips and Tricks for Beginners Using Eyebrow Stencils

While brow pencils are almost every beginner’s stepping stone, brow stencils have brought new meaning to “user-friendly”. They are easy, fast, reliable, and allow you to explore multiple brow possibilities without having to purchase a different set.

Brow stencils aren’t just for beginners, either. Makeup enthusiasts and long-time users can benefit just as much as the next guy. However, if this is your first time, here are a few tips to get you going on the right path to gorgeous brows:

Choose Your Color Wisely

Get a color that either matches your hair or is one shade lighter. This helps your brows blend in naturally with the rest of your look.

Explore Colors Close Your Natural Look

Try on one to three hues close to your hair color, don’t be afraid to put them on rotation!

Try On Different Stencils, Too

Explore different stencils. My Two Brows Stamp and Stencil kit comes with 25 stencils of different arch heights, thickness, and sizes.

Always Blend It All In

Whether you have total hair loss or just thinning strands, always use a spoolie to blend it all in.

Map Out Your Brows

If you have difficulty using your brow bone to guide your brow line, map out your brows with an eyebrow pencil instead. To do so, simply rest one end of the pencil on the dimple of your nose and vertically align it with the inner corner of your eye. This point is where your brow should start.

Next, still keeping the tip on the dimple of your nose, diagonally move the pencil towards the middle of your brow line until it lines up with your iris - this point is where your arch should be. How low or high you want it is completely up to you.

Lastly, tip still on the dimple of your nose, diagonally move the other end of your pencil towards the other corner of your eyes - this marks your brow’s tail.


How to use eyebrow stencils for beginners?

Eyebrow stencils and stamp kits can be used by aligning the stencil on your brow line and dabbing the stamp into the empty space.

Do eyebrow stencils really work?

Eyebrow stencils can be applied in under a minute but last up to 18 full hours as they are smudge-proof, waterproof, and sweat-proof.

How do you keep eyebrow stencils in place?

Each stencil is designed for easy application with extra space at the top for you to hold down on.

You’re All Set!

While brow stencils of any kind are great, My Two Brows offers an even better way to get the job done quickly and accurately. No longer will you have to figure out how to use eyebrow stencils. With a simple twist to add pigment, a dab to apply on your brow, and blending to bring it all together, you can enjoy your perfectly shaped brows for 18 full hours with My Two Brows Stamp and Stencil Kit

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