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Hair Thickening Fibers

Hair Thickening Fibers

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 NEW product!

Who says hair loss, thin spots, or a little bit of shine should keep you from looking your best?

Say hello to My Two Brows Hair Thickening Fibers, your newest secret weapon to achieve thick, great-looking hair in just seconds.

I developed this confidence boosting product after dealing with Alopecia Universalis for many years, and struggling through every stage and variety of hair loss and (occasional) regrowth.

After being skeptical of thickening fibers for a long time and finally giving them a try, I've found them to be an absolute lifesaver - which I now use on a daily basis. 

Even if you've got extremely thin hair or patches that are just about completely bald, as long as there is something for the thickening fibers to adhere to, you will be VERY pleased at how much better you can look using this product!

These fibers are specially crafted from coloured keratin protein, very similar to human hair, so they blend perfectly with your existing hair strands, even thin ones. Besides from your hair looking so much fuller, you won't be able to tell it's even there. 

Once you've applied these fibers there is no need for any touchups! Your newly full hair will stick with you through the wind, the rain, and yes, even your gym sessions - until the next time you wash your hair. 

Just choose one of the 10 natural shades closest to your hair color, and you'll soon enter a world where your fine and patchy hair now looks dense and full, bald spots seem to disappear, and your confidence skyrockets!


Each bottle comes with 27.5g of natural keratin hair thickening fibers. How long a bottle will last depends greatly on individual use, but you will be surprised how much difference just a few shakes of these fibers can make!


Wash, dry, and style your hair. Sprinkle a few shakes of My Two Brows Hair Thickening Fibers over the thinning areas. When applying near the hairline, use a hairline optimizer. Pat your hair lightly to spread the fibers. Comb, brush, or style as you like. Enjoy your new look!


    Does this even look realistic?

    If you haven't tried this type of thickening powder yet, I'm excited for you, because you are soon going to be shocked at just how real, thick, and healthy your hair can look! 

    Anyone who doesn't know you're using a thickening powder will simply not be able to tell you've done anything with your hair, but they may notice you're looking extra good for some reason 😊

    What are the fibers made of?

    Our Hair Thickening Fibers are made of natural, colored keratin protein - the same stuff your hair is made of!

    How long will the fibers stay in place?

    The fibers will stay put until your next shampoo. Easy to apply, easy to remove - just how we like it!

    Can I use the fibers if it's raining?

    Absolutely! Our fibers resist wind, rain, and perspiration, so your hair looks thick and full no matter the weather.

    Does the product affect hair growth?

    No, My Two Brows Hair Thickening Fibers won't affect hair growth in any way - they're all about enhancing your existing hair!

    Can I use the fibers with my styling tools and products?

    Sure thing! Just apply your styling products before the fibers to ensure the best results.

    Any warnings?

    Just the usual. For external use only. If irritation or rash appears, stop using it. Keep away from your eyes and avoid inhaling it.

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