Castor Oil for Eyebrows: Boost Growth and Enhance Beauty Naturally!

Castor Oil for Eyebrows: Boost Growth and Enhance Beauty Naturally!

If you have ever dreamed of having stunning, perfectly shaped brows but don’t know how to make it a reality? We’re here to tell you a little known industry trick that has been around for years. It’s simple, it’s affordable, and it’s so easy to get your hands on – it’s castor oil for eyebrows.

Castor oil is known to help with healthy hair growth in the scalp and lashes. Below, we explore how it can be useful for your eyebrows and how you can get started on applying castor oil on your brows today!

Castor Oil For Eyebrows: Does It Help Them Grow?

Castor Oil For Eyebrows

There is no scientific evidence to back up castor oil as a growth serum. However, many swear that it supports eyebrow growth since it is naturally made up of ingredients that promote healthy hair production. Castor oil is high in fatty acids, which promote growth by keeping hair in its active growth phase.

It is also rich in Vitamin E, which is known to heal damaged hair follicles. Moreover, almost 90% of the oil is made up of ricinoleic acid, which helps in blood circulation and brings nutrients to your hair. Last, but definitely not the least, the oil itself is moisturizing and you know what they say about moisturized brows – fuller, healthier, and keeps hair breakage at bay!

How to Use Castor Oil On Your Eyebrows?

Applying castor oil on your eyebrows is as straightforward and simple as it sounds. If you want to use it to its full potential, there are a few added steps you should take:

Step 1: Do a patch test

Whenever trying new products, natural or not, it is important to do a patch test to see if your skin receives it well. We suggest applying a little bit of the oil on a small part of your arm, preferably an area with hair to test out how your follicles react.

Step 2: Cleanse your face

If after 48 hours you don’t notice any irritation, it should be safe to apply on your brows. Start with a fresh face by removing any makeup or dirt, and then running a clean spoolie through your brows to remove dead skin cells.

Step 3: Apply castor oil

Dip a clean spoolie or a cotton swab in the oil and gently brush it on your brows, making sure to coat evenly from base to tail.

Repeat this consistently every night before bed and wash it off in the morning. It is important to regularly apply it without causing any oil buildup that may block out your pores.

Benefits of Using Castor Oil for Eyebrows

Just like how potentially helpful they are for the scalp and lashes, there are also many benefits that castor oil offers brows, including:

  • Moisturizes the brows, which keeps both the skin and hair strands healthy
  • Delivers a healthy dose of Vitamin E, which has many antioxidant properties, helps heal damaged follicles and skin, reduces itches, minimizes scars, and improves overall skin health.
  • Improves circulation and boosts the transportation of nutrients within the body.
  • Stimulates hair growth and strength through its multiple natural ingredients
  • ·Puts a shine to your hair thanks to its moisture-locking properties.

How Long Does it Take for Castor Oil to Work on Eyebrows?

How Long Does it Take for Castor Oil to Work on Eyebrows?

The main role of castor oil is to support your hair in its natural growth cycle. It does this through moisturizing, feeding nutrients, improving circulation, and the like. While it does have properties that could stimulate growth, the heavy lifting still lands on the natural 4-phase growth cycle of your brows.

You may start to notice the positive effects castor oil has on your brows after finishing a full cycle and religiously applying it throughout the next. Since eyebrows take an average of two to four months to fully grow, we estimate it would take about three to six months to notice a difference with your castor oil routine.

What are the side effects of using castor oil on eyebrows?

While castor oil has proven to be well tolerated by most skin types, there is still the possibility of some users experiencing side effects, such as:

  • Oil buildup
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Rashes
  • Redness

What else can you try to grow your eyebrows quickly?

While castor oil has great potential to grow out your brows fast, it definitely isn’t the only way! There are many alternatives you can try out, such as:

Other Natural Oils

tea tree oil

Castor isn’t the only natural oil with growth and moisturizing benefits. Others that could work just as well are aloe vera, coconut oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, olive oil, peppermint oil, or rosemary essential oil.

Brow Serums

Sometimes an all-natural product doesn’t make the cut, and must be infused with other ingredients that can boost its powers. This is where brow serums come in. We suggest getting those that are packed with argan oil, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and/ or Vitamin D.

OTC or Prescription Medication


Eyebrow hair loss is so common nowadays that there are both prescription and over-the-counter medications to help combat it. Some of the commonly used ones include Bimatoprost, also known as Latisse or Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine.

Eyebrow Makeup

In times wherein your natural hair is taking longer than you’d like, you can mimic hair growth through the use of eyebrow makeup. There are many kinds that fit each individual’s preferences and skill level. Rest assured, with a little trial and error, you can soon find a good temporary eyebrow replacement with affordable products.

Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow Pencils

If the thought of utilizing makeup is daunting to you, we highly encourage starting off with eyebrow pencils. They are very user-friendly, affordable, accessible, and come with a variety of options to match your natural shade.

Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos

My Two Brows - Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos

My Two Brows Virtual Mirror

Temporary eyebrow tattoos are by far our favorite alternative! More often than not, we just don’t have the time or patience to draw in perfectly shaped brows every single day. Moreover, natural oils are a great support but could take months to show results. With temporary eyebrow tattoos, you have the option to have natural looking brows in a matter of seconds – and they last up to 3 days!

What’s even better is that they come in 11 colors, 5 sizes, and 5 styles, which is perfect for helping you find the pair that work best for you.

Which Type Of Castor Oil Is Best For The Eyebrows And Eyelashes?

Castor oil and other natural oils work best for those with sparse eyebrows or patchy pairs rather than those with totally absent brows. When narrowing down your choices, it is best to know what you are working with.

Castor oil now comes in many variants, often containing additives. We recommend using only all natural, pure castor oil to lessen risk of irritation and also strengthen its potency. You can find this in products that are labeled either cold-pressed castor oil, or Jamaican black castor oil.

However, there are some users who find castor oil much too thick for their liking. If this resonates with you, there are a few ways to loosen it up without reducing any of its natural benefits:

Tip #1: Warm it up

Warm it up before applying. However, make sure it isn’t too hot when you start to dab it on.

Tip #2 Mix with Vaseline

Mix 1 tsp castor oil with ½ tsp of Vaseline until it’s a smooth paste.

Tip #3 Mix with Aloe Vera

Mix castor oil and aloe vera in a 1:1 ratio until well incorporated.

Tip #4 Mix with Glycerin

Mix 1 tbsp of castor oil with ½ tsp of glycerin until well mixed.

How many times a week should I put castor oil on my eyebrows?

How many times a week should I put castor oil on my eyebrows?

Like with any skin care routine, you need to apply the products consistently in order to enjoy results. When it comes to castor oil on eyebrows, we recommend applying it once every night before bed. It is just as important to rinse it off in the morning to avoid dry oil buildup, which not only clogs your pores but can also cause hair follicle damage and irritation.

Once your skin has adjustment to the treatment, you can apply castor oil up to twice a day. We highly suggest washing the previous application off before putting on the new one to keep pores clean and ready to absorb all the oil’s benefits.

What oil grows eyebrows the fastest?

Castor oil is by far one of the most popular for growing eyebrows. While it is limited in scientific evidence, it is abundant in first hand reviews from users all over the world.

Apart from castor oil, coconut oil is another commonly used product for both the brows and scalp. It acts as a natural conditioner to keep hair moisturized and also has a natural low molecular weight. This means that it is able to seep into the hair shaft with ease and absorbs much better compared to oils with higher molecular weight. The easier it is to penetrate, the faster our hair can absorb its growth benefits.

Lastly, jojoba oil has greatly risen in ranks when it comes to the best skin care oil. It has many anti-inflammatory properties and components natural to our own natural sebum. This means that our skin absorbs it well!

You’re All Set!

That’s all you need to know about castor oil for eyebrows! Remember that while certain products work for a lot of users, it is never a one size fits all solution. We must all get to know our own skin and try out different methods to see which works best for us. Castor oil is just one of the many things to add to your must-try list!

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