Minoxidil for Eyebrows: Can It Help with Growth or Regrowth?

Minoxidil for Eyebrows: Can It Help with Growth or Regrowth?

If you are experiencing thinning brow hair, eyebrow hair loss, or patchy brows, we understand the sense of urgency that must be creeping up on you. However, we’re here to put your mind at ease.

There are many treatments and products that can help you get fuller and healthier-looking brows, all it takes is a little time to see which works best for you. Sometimes, stubborn hair may even need less conventional alternatives. One example is the holy grail for balding concerns: minoxidil.

For decades, minoxidil, commercially known as Rogaine, has been the go-to product for those with hair loss on their scalp. Experts agree that the medication is highly effective when it comes to scalp hair regrowth. However, there is little research into how well it works on the brows.

While minoxidil for eyebrows has limited science to back it up, users are still utilizing the product for this purpose. Below, we delve into the details of just how well minoxidil for eyebrow growth can work and the risks that may be involved.

Can you use minoxidil on eyebrows?

minoxidil on eyebrows

Apart from the scalp, the eyebrows are another common area that experiences hair loss. Because they are so essential in framing the face, missing or thin brows can alter someone’s appearance drastically. Understandably, many look for fast and affordable ways to remedy this worldwide concern.

While there are products specifically made to treat brow loss, many prefer to use minoxidil on eyebrows, which is a product designed for the scalp. There have been a lot of success stories proven to be true, but this does not mean it doesn’t come with its own set of challenges.

Due to how potent the product is and how sensitive our face can be, minoxidil for eyebrows hasn’t been recommended. Apart from this, it can also very easily irritate the eyes. Below, we explore all the benefits and risks that come with using minoxidil on eyebrows.

Advantages of Minoxidil for eyebrows

For as long as it is used with caution and in limited amounts, minoxidil on eyebrows has the potential to provide a string of advantages. A few of the benefits one can experience include:

  • It can help in slowing down or completely stopping hair loss.
  • It can promote the growth of thicker and fuller brows
  • It can stimulate the regrowth of lost brow hair
  • One can start seeing results in as little as 4-8 weeks
  • The components of the product help in relaxing blood vessels, thus enhancing blood circulation

Disadvantages of Minoxidil for eyebrows

Minoxidil may be an efficient product but it comes with some risks. While some are lucky enough not to experience any of these, the disadvantages that may result from using minoxidil for eyebrow regrowth include:

  • It can dry out skin
  • It can cause irritation, especially on the eyes
  • It may result in a burning sensation
  • It can cause scaling or flakiness
  • It may turn the skin red in affected areas
  • It can be cause itchiness
  • It may cause affected areas to swell or become inflamed
  • In cases wherein the product gets into the eyes, it can cause issues with vision.
  • It may cause accidental hair growth in areas that the product has touched.

Which minoxidil is best for eyebrows?

minoxidil in liquid and foam form

There are two main types of minoxidil, namely the liquid form and the foam. The main difference between the two is that the liquid variant is applied through a dropper in small amounts while the foam is sprayed on and can cover a larger surface area at a faster pace.

When it comes to the eyebrows, it is best to use the liquid variant since it is much easier to apply in small, controlled amounts. It is important to put it carefully on the brows so as to only get it on the affected areas and not accidentally spread it elsewhere.

How do you stimulate hair follicles in your eyebrows?

How do you stimulate hair follicles in your eyebrows?

Due to a variety of reasons, hair follicles may weaken or get damaged. This can cause thinning eyebrows or even complete eyebrow hair loss. In order to get them working healthily again, you can try stimulating them by:

#1 Massaging your brows

Regularly massaging the area promotes blood flow, which helps in producing healthy strands.

#2 Moisturizing your brows

Keeping the area hydrated helps restore and strengthen growth proteins back into the follicles. It also makes it easier to transport needed nutrients.

#3 Don’t pluck or wax them

Give your hair a chance to go about the full cycle and lessen the risk of physically traumatizing your follicles.

#4 Use growth serums

The nutrients found in many growth serums and natural oils can help stimulate growth and nourish the hair follicle.

How long does it take for minoxidil to work on eyebrows?

How long does it take for minoxidil to work on eyebrows?

There is no definitive timeline since the cause of eyebrow hair loss, the body’s natural reaction to treatment, and the consistency of treatment can all differ from person to person. However, minoxidil is estimated to start showing results in as little as 4 to 8 weeks. You may start to grow eyebrows back within this time frame but it isn’t expected to be full length yet. In order to see its full effect, one must be consistent in their minoxidil treatment for at least three to four months.

How often should I use minoxidil on eyebrows?

Depending on the gravity of brow loss, one can apply minoxidil once or twice a day. Many with thinning brows or sparse brows have found that applying once every night before bed delivered sufficient results. However, those with little to no eyebrows left may find that applying twice a day works best. In many cases, only 2-3% minoxidil was applied carefully on affected areas.

Alternatives to Minoxidil for eyebrows: What to use instead

If after trying it out, you find that the product is not for you, there are many other alternatives to minoxidil for eyebrow regrowth. In fact, those who prefer not to use medication at all can prioritize these solutions before using minoxidil as a last resort.

Below are our top 6 ways to have fuller and thicker eyebrows without using minoxidil:

#1 Other types of medication

Minoxidil is not the only medication produced to stimulate hair growth. Other dermatologists may prescribe Bimatoprost (commercially known as Latisse), Anthralin, or Corticosteroids. These are all only available through prescription.

#2 Natural growth serums

Natural growth serums

If staying away from medication is your plan, you can try organic ways to stimulate your hair follicles and promote hair growth. Always hydrate your brow area, and apply oils that hold a lot of nutrients such as coconut, tea tree, castor, argan, vitamin E, vitamin D, and much more.

It will also help to take in more nutrients orally via supplements or incorporate them into your daily meals. Getting in more protein and vitamins, and leading a stress-free lifestyle all play a role in healthy hair growth.

#3 Eyebrow Pencil

Many opt to cover up sparse brows using eyebrow pencils either while waiting for the treatment to work or as an alternative altogether. Eyebrow pencils for no eyebrows are the best solution for those who have little to no experience with makeup. They are very easy to apply after some practice and are highly customizable. You can draw them in thicker, thinner, with a more defined arch, longer, and even with different shades to match your natural hair color.

#4 Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Tinting

There is more to eyebrow makeup for no eyebrows than just sticking with pencils. Some may even find the options below easier to use, quicker to fill in, or just prefer how they look more:

  • Eyebrow Powder
  • Eyebrow Pomade
  • Tinting
  • Eyebrow Gel

#5 Eyebrow Replacement

For those who are not keen on applying makeup regularly, there are also semi-permanent and fully permanent eyebrow replacement solutions.

Microblading is a semi-permanent option in which a medical expert inserts pigments under your skin and “Draws” on hair-like strands to mimic natural brows. These last between 18 to 30 months.

An eyebrow transplant is a permanent way to replace your brows and it involves a medical professional removing your hair grafts from your scalp and transferring them on your brows. While these take a little longer to heal, the side effects are minimal and you can enjoy your full brows again.

#6 Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos from My Two Brows

My Two Brows Virtual Mirror

Last, but not least, our favorite solution: press on eyebrows from My Two Brows.

These temporary eyebrows are great for women and men and are even safe for children. They come in 5 different styles, 5 sizes, and currently 11 colors to suit everyone’s natural shade.

All it takes is dabbing on a wet cloth and peeling back the transfer paper to have new eyebrows that last up to 3 days! They are 100% waterproof but can also be easily removed when needed.

Minoxidil for eyebrows before and after

Minoxidil for eyebrows before and after

      Courtesy of Reddit/John_August

Minoxidil for eyebrows before and after

            Courtesy of Reddit/Amstarcasanova

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Latisse or Minoxidil better for eyebrows?

    Some studies show that both products shared similar results, however, minoxidil worked slightly better on eyebrow bald spots.

    2. Can minoxidil be used on eyebrows?

      While there are no thorough studies recommending minoxidil for eyebrows, many users share praises for how effective the product is to remedy eyebrows falling out.

      It’s important to note that the skin on the eyebrows are more sensitive than the scalp, thus the product should be used in controlled amounts.

      3. Can you stimulate hair growth on eyebrows?

        Yes, you can. Moisturizing, applying serums, and massaging are all great ways to naturally stimulate hair growth.

        4. Which minoxidil is best for eyebrows?

          Minoxidil in liquid form is easier and safer to apply via dropper compared to the spray-on foam variant.

          5. How long does it take for bald eyebrows to grow back?

            It depends on the cause of the hair loss and how one’s body responds to treatment. However, should the products work on one’s skin, it is expected to take months for eyebrows to fully grow back.

            You’re All Set!

            Minoxidil for eyebrows is a highly potent and very effective way to stimulate hair growth. Those who opt to try this product should first start with a conservative dose once or twice a day so as not to irritate the skin. One of the most important things to remember is to keep it out of the eyes!

            That being said, there are many other useful alternatives to minoxidil on eyebrows, including press-on tattoos that offer an instant and affordable way to fuller brows.

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