Rogaine for Eyebrows: Can it Help to Grow (or Regrow) Brows?

Rogaine for Eyebrows: Can it Help to Grow (or Regrow) Brows?

When one thinks of hair regrowth products, the word “Rogaine” can seem all too familiar. It has been widely advertised as one of the most effective solutions for scalp hair regrowth, especially with the company’s expanding product line that offers options catering specifically for men, women, and other hair issues.

While Rogaine is a well-established product for head hair regrowth, it has yet to be considered as the go-to treatment for eyebrow hair loss. Because it lacks enough testing and research to back it up, Rogaine is also not yet approved to treat eyebrow hair loss. However, this does not mean that it is unsafe or ineffective.

Industry experts are already looking into Rogaine for eyebrows, including just how big a role minoxidil can play in treating sparse or thinning brows. While the verdict is yet to be announced, here is all you need to know:

Rogaine for Eyebrows: Can it Regrow Thinning Eyebrows?

Rogaine for Eyebrows

Generally speaking, Rogaine can help with hair growth even when you apply it in areas other than your scalp. It is not always encouraged – but more on that later.

The eyebrows are one of the most common areas wherein people experience thinning hair, which can result in either narrow looking brows or multiple small patches. Understandably, those experiencing thinning eyebrows would want to apply treatments that fill in the gap.

Minoxidil is highly potent and therefore will be very effective. When applied in heavy amounts, the risk for side effects is greater. When only applied in small doses to treat small gaps, the potential for unfavorable reactions also lessens. Nevertheless, it should be used with caution and tested on your skin before spreading to the whole affected area.

Can You Use Rogaine to Grow Eyebrows That Are Totally Gone?

Now that we’ve tackled minoxidil for thinning or patchy brows, the next question to discuss is if it is safe for those with total brow loss.

Whether it is due to over grooming, medical issues, stress, or other factors, it is understandable to feel a sense of urgency once you notice your eyebrows falling out in substantial amounts.

If you are considering Rogaine for eyebrow growth treatment, it can either go one of two ways for you. The first scenario is that the potency of the product is highly compatible with your skin, and you end up growing back your eyebrow hair in a matter of months. The second scenario is that because Rogaine isn’t produced for facial skin, your face can get irritated. Because you will need to apply more product for eyebrow loss compared to thin eyebrows, there is also a bigger risk of getting some in your eyes, which may cause issues with your vision.

What Studies Say: Will Rogaine Grow Eyebrows? Does it Work?

A study published in the Wiley Online Library shows that minoxidil at 3% concentration compared to bimatoprost (commercially known as Latisse) at 0.03% concentration had similar results. In a little over 3 months, half of the participants experienced hair growth from both products, with Rogaine showing slightly more favorable results.

Another study published in the National Library of Medicine analyzed the effects of Rogaine on eyebrows against a placebo in order to test out the effectiveness of minoxidil. Over a period of 16 weeks, a total of 40 participants placed product of 2% concentration on their brows. Those who utilized Rogaine experienced better results, which helped the researchers conclude that the product is in fact safe and beneficial for those who want to grow eyebrows after experiencing loss.

What happens if I use Rogaine on my eyebrows?

rogaine for eyebrows

Minoxidil is the active ingredient found in Rogaine, and how it works is by shortening the resting phase (telogen) within the hair growth cycle and promoting the premature start to the growing phase (anagen). This has proven to be highly effective on the scalp wherein the skin is much thicker and generally less reactive.

However, when it comes to applying this process on the eyebrows, we must take into consideration that the skin on our face, and most especially around our eyes, are much thinner and therefore more sensitive. It is more sensitive not only to touch and exposure, but also to the products we apply on it.

Moreover, Rogaine contains alcohol, which means that users should take extra precaution as to where they apply it and minimize risk of getting it in the eyes or other sensitive areas. For this reason, Rogaine must always be used with caution. For many with thin or sparse brows, it may work wonders, but it can still cause a reaction for some others.

Benefits of Using Rogaine on Eyebrows

When used with caution and in proper amounts, Rogaine has the potential to be highly advantageous when used on eyebrows. Some of the benefits you can enjoy when using the product on your brows include:

  • Slows down and/or stops hair loss
  • Thicker and fuller brows
  • Regrowth of lost brow hair
  • Results can show in as little as 4-8 weeks
  • It relaxed blood vessels and promotes blood circulation

Dangers of Rogaine on Eyebrows

While it is not a guarantee that every user will experience them, there are a list of side effects that put anyone at risk when using Rogaine for eyebrows. The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Dryness of skin
  • Irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Scaling or flakiness
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Issues with eyesight if traces get in your eyes, and in more extreme cases, blindness
  • Accidental hair growth in other parts of your face if the product spreads there

What Can You Do Instead of Using Rogaine On Eyebrows?

With much more information in your hands, we get it if you want to look at other options first. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of choices on the market today for those who want to regrow, enhance, or cover up their brows.

We list our top 6 solutions below (the last is our ultimate fave!):

Natural growth serums

natural growth serums for eyebrows

Rogaine and Latisse are two of the most attainable topical solutions when trying to regrow brows. However, if you prefer to test out non-chemical ways, there are a number of natural growth serums that have worked out well for many. Some of the most recommended ones include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Castor oil

Beginner-friendly makeup

eyebrow pencils for sparse or no eyebrows

Many people are not into makeup, and that’s perfectly fine. However, if you want to explore this option in order to enhance your thin brows or cover up brow loss, there are beginner-friendly products you can try.

Trying eyebrow pencils for sparse or no eyebrows is a great option. They are straightforward and fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. It is as simple as drawing brows on yourself! To make the task easier, it is best to research how to properly draw brows according to the dimensions of your face and know what color shade to get.

Advanced make up

For those who want to venture deeper out into the makeup world, other types of eyebrow makeup for no eyebrows can be just as useful and not necessarily difficult to learn!

Apart from pencils, eyebrow powders are equally easy to acquire and utilize. They help mimic natural hairlines and are also a breeze to blend into your skin. You may also try eyebrow gels or pomades.

Yet another option is getting your eyebrows tinted, which are great for those who want waterproof, thicker eyebrows that last between 4 to 6 weeks.

Semi-permanent make up


Taking it up another notch is a semi-permanent make up procedure called microblading. Microblading is done by inserting pigments right under skin, and is to be performed on you by professionals. It can stay on for at least 18 months and can last up to 30 months, depending on how properly maintained they are.

Eyebrow Transplant

Those looking for permanent eyebrow replacement solutions can ask their doctor about eyebrow hair transplants. This is a type of cosmetic procedure wherein hair follicles are removed from your scalp and transplanted onto your brow area. It may take some time for your skin to welcome and adapt to the new strands of hair, but generally speaking, there is no great risk of side effects.

Instant Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos

Instant Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos - My Two Brows

My Two Brows Virtual Mirror

If transplants, cosmetic procedures, and make up are all not to your liking, there is one more solution we definitely suggest you try and that is temporary eyebrow tattoos.

These are affordable, instant, waterproof, easily removable, and can last up to a month when properly maintained. Moreover, they come in 5 arch styles, 11 colors, 5 sizes to suit your face perfectly.

That’s not even the best part. They can be applied simply by dabbing wet cloth on them for a few seconds, then peeling off the transfer paper, and voila! Eyebrows!

You can find these press-on eyebrows on My Two Brows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you stimulate hair growth on eyebrows?

Yes, there are many ways to promote hair growth on eyebrows. Depending on the reason for hair loss and your body’s natural reaction to treatment, there are different options of medication therapy, natural remedies, physical stimulants, changes in diet, and even psychological therapy.

Does anything work to regrow eyebrows?

Yes, many treatments, remedies, and therapies work to regrow eyebrows. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there is a wider variety of options in the market to try today.

Do scalp hair growth treatments work on eyebrows?

In many cases, products used to treat hair loss on the scalp can also be effective on the eyebrows. Though it is recommended to consult a dermatologist first and use these products with precaution.

You’re All Set!

Rogaine, also known as minoxidil, is a very potent solution and is famous for stimulating hair growth as well as preventing further hair loss. While there are not enough studies to back up its effectiveness on eyebrows, many researchers and first-hand users suggest that it helps promote hair growth on the brows.

Despite favorable results for some, there is still a risk of side effects when using Rogaine for eyebrows, thus the need to use caution and consider other, less potent solutions.

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