The Best Eyebrow Growth Serums That Actually Work, According to Dermatologists

The Best Eyebrow Growth Serums That Actually Work, According to Dermatologists

Over the course of finding our ideal brow style, there is bound to be some trial and error. From overly-bushy brows to excessively plucked pairs (90’s babies, am I right?), our eyebrows definitely go through many growth phases.

If at any point you realize that they are just not growing back the way they used to, or have never fully filled your brow ridge to your liking, venturing into growth serums could be your best bet.

Below, we dive into the best eyebrow growth serums in the market today, and other tips you can try out to help your brow hair grow faster.

Best Overall Eyebrow Growth Serum

Rapidlash RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Rapidlash RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing SerumThis growth-enhancing serum is popular for its ultra nourishing, thickening, and strengthening components to help rehab even the most desperate of brows. This product is packed with peptides, polypeptides, panthenol, biotin, keratin, amino acids, vitamin B5 and apple and sweet almond extract - basically, everything you need to stimulate hair growth, promote that eye-catching shine, and keep those strands soft.

Things to like:

  • Not cheap, but doesn’t break the bank. Usually ranges between $30-$40 at time of writing
  • No sticky lumps
  • Clear colored and doubles as a brow gel
  • Packed with proteins that strengthen follicles
  • Has a lot of ingredients promote hair growth
  • Conditioning effect that keeps brows soft and nourished
  • Easy and smooth to apply
  • Easy to remove, but lasts long

Things to consider:

  • Results usually last only while continually using the product

Best Eyebrow Growth Oil

BBB London Nourishing Brow Oil

BBB London Nourishing Brow OilThe BBB London Nourishing Brow Oil is basically an essential oil that not only helps promote hair growth but also combats flaking and dandruff. It contains a mix of natural ingredients, including almond, sandalwood, lavender, and rosemary, all of which play a part in stimulating hair growth.

This product is also known to nourish the brows, keep your brow ridge moisturized, and leave it with a healthy-looking shine.

Moreover, most may be accustomed to using thick brow gels and other types of eyebrow serum, but not everyone has tried brow oil. The consistency works on all skin and hair types but is especially great for those with coarse hair as it keeps the eyebrow shape in place.

Things to like:

  • Not cheap, but doesn’t break the bank. Usually ranges between $25-$35 at the time of writing this
  • Uses natural ingredients known to stimulate hair growth
  • Helps keep the brows moisturized
  • Leaves brows looking healthy and shiny
  • Combats flaking and dandruff
  • Comes in a roll-on package for ease of application
  • Nonstick, no clumping, and fast absorbing

Things to consider:

  • Size of roll on can make it difficult to apply on targeted areas

Best Fast-Acting Eyebrow Growth Serum

Grande Cosmetics GrandeBrow Serum

Grande Cosmetics GrandeBrow SerumWhether you are new to the world of brow growth serums or have been an avid reader/tester for a while, chances are you have come across the Grande Cosmetics GrandeBrow Enhancing Serum.

This is a mighty popular product that is not only vegan but is also tested by licensed ophthalmologists and board-certified dermatologists to ensure its safety and effectiveness. They claim to work wonders on your brows in only 2 months with a combination of L Proline, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid. The latter helps condition the brows, while the list of antioxidants and L Proline work to strengthen and moisturize the hair follicles to create a suitable environment for hair regrowth.

Some of the antioxidants in this product include grapeseed extract, ginseng root, chamomile flowers, and bearberry leaves.

Things to like:

  • It is known to work in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Helps keep brow ridge moisturized
  • Strengthens hair follicles and keeps it healthy
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Easy application
  • Vegan

Things to consider:

  • It can be pricey, ranging from $36 to $75 at the time of writing
  • The packaging is only good for about 3 to 4 months

Best Eyebrow Growth Serum for Sensitive Skin

Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash and Brow Serum

Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash and Brow SerumThose with more sensitive skin may feel hesitant to try out new products, but you can put your mind to ease with the Prinexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash and Brow Serum. This dermatologist-tested product is made with gentle and natural components designed to help those with sensitive skin or who are prone to allergies. You can find conditioning ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, and also growth-promoting elements such as peptides, biotin, and botanical extracts.

It claims to work in 90 days or your money back!

Things to like:

  • Offers a money-back guarantee from certain distributors if it does not work within the stated 90 days.
  • Affordable at only $12 to $30 at the time of writing
  • Uses botanically-derived ingredients, making it safe for sensitive skin
  • Comes with an ultra-thin brush for precise application
  • Keeps the skin around the brows moisturized
  • Peptides help strengthen hair follicles
  • Doubles as a lash serum
  • Cruelty-free

Things to consider:

  • It only comes in a small size
  • It takes 3 months to work

Best Drugstore Eyebrow Growth Serum

Covergirl Lash Blast Lash & Brow Serum

Covergirl Lash Blast Lash & Brow SerumWe support investing in good quality cosmetics, which is why we are always in the lookout for affordable options to ensure brow health for everyone. Drugstore brands often get a bad rep, but they actually also make good alternatives when you know what to look for.

The Covergirl Lash Blast is a 2 in 1 growth serum that is not only cruelty-free but is also packed with many ingredients to help boost your brow growth and brow health. This product is infused with biotin, peptides, castor oil, and bamboo oil, all of which help stimulate growth, strengthen follicles, and thicken hair strands for much fuller brows.

Things to like:

  • Highly affordable at only $8 to $14 at the time of writing
  • Easily accessible at all leading drugstores
  • Works on both brows and lashes
  • Cruelty-free

Things to consider:

  • Application can be a little rough

Best Conditioning Eyebrow Growth Serum

RevitaLash Cosmetics RevitaBrow Advanced

RevitaLash Cosmetics RevitaBrow AdvancedIt is important to keep your brows conditioned to keep them smooth, silky, and healthy. This vegan product from RevitaLash is non-irritating and is packed with peptides, lipids, biotin, green tea extract, amino acids, panthenol, calendula, and antioxidants. Licensed ophthalmologists have confirmed that it is paraben-free, phthalates-free, and has absolutely zero fragrance. This combination is not only perfect for moisturizing sensitive skin but also helps strengthen your brows without the risk of allergic reactions.

Things to like:

  • Vegan and good for sensitive skin
  • Helps keep brows and brow ridge moisturized
  • Helps strengthen hair follicles
  • Keeps brow hairs soft, smooth, and shiny, preventing brittleness
  • Free of paraben, phthalates, and fragrance
  • Feels lightweight and not greasy because there are no oils
  • Easy application

Things to consider:

  • Can be pricey at $55 to $111 at the time of writing
  • While applicator is easy to use, it can take longer for some to fully coat brows

Best Multipurpose Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum

Shiseido Full Lash and Brow Serum

Shiseido Full Lash and Brow SerumThis dual purpose product is infused with amino acids, most especially arginine, which is the key ingredient that helps regenerate and stimulate hair growth. Shiseido claims it takes only 8 full weeks to see results, which is much faster than some products on the market. Many swear by this serum to fix their patchy and sparse brows in a little under 2 months and haven’t looked back since!

Things to like:

  • Dual purpose - for both brows and lashes
  • Packed with arginine and other essential amino acids
  • Stronger brows with continued use
  • Also packed with Vitamin E to help condition the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and shiny.
  • Takes only 8 weeks to show results
  • Great for patchy or sparse eyebrows
  • Does not come cheap but doesn’t break the bank either. It is priced at $22 to $36 as of writing
  • Dries fairly quickly, which means you can continue your skincare routine right after
  • The applicator brush has a flocked tip for you to reach areas between brow hairs

Things to consider:

  • Best used twice a day (morning and night) to see results, while other products only require application once a day

Most Popular Growth Oils

Needless to say, thousands of users have gone through som much trial and error in order to find the right type of growth oil or serum that works on their brows. While the above list definitely has a lot of positive reviews, a lot of natural oils and over-the-counter supplements are still being used to this day.

Two of the most commonly used ones are Minoxidil and Castor Oil.


Minoxidil is commercially known as Rogaine. It works for both men and women and has risen in popularity due to its ability to stimulate scalp hair growth. While there is no thorough study on its effects on the brows, many still use them and have found success.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a fairly common natural oil that many apply to areas that lack hair growth. Whether it's hair thinning, patchy spots, or complete hair loss, castor oil has been a household solution for a very long time.

Tips for Faster Hair Growth

Needless to say, thousands of users have gone through so much trial and error in order to find the best and fastest way to grow eyebrow hair. Especially 90’s babies who may have over plucked eyebrows and have just not figured out how to grow them all back, these tips may be your next solution:

Getting More Nutrients

Eyebrow hair loss can be due to nutrient deficiency. Ensuring that you get enough Vitamin A, D, E, B-complex, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, and more can help your system stimulate healthy hair growth.

Lessen Stress

Telogen effluvium is a common happenstance wherein one develops bald spots due to stress - either physically or mentally. Being able to limit the amount of daily stress in your life can definitely help in keeping your hair’s growth cycle going. Moreover, those who have undergone infections, major surgeries, and other abrupt changes to the body that caused physical stress may only experience these bald spots temporarily.

Keep Brows Moisturized

Those who experience thinning brows often realize that their brow ridge and its surrounding skin are extra dry. It is important to keep the surface on which hair grows as healthy as possible to keep the cycle going. One way to do that is by moisturizing your brows every time you moisturize the rest of your face and body.

Get A Diagnosis

If natural home remedies haven’t been making a difference, getting a diagnosis from a licensed dermatologist can help you get to the source of the issue. Once you know why your brow hairs are falling out, the faster you can learn how to fix it.

Pause On Plucking, Tweezing, or Waxing

One of the best things you can do for your brows is letting them breathe. Pause on plucking, tweezing, and waxing them to allow the growth cycle to continue without disruptions. In the meantime, you can opt for temporary eyebrow solutions such as brow pencils, tint, and other cosmetic products to fill in any gaps of thinning or spare brows.

What to do if you’ve completely lost your brows?

Experiencing complete brow loss can be very difficult both mentally and physically. Depending on the reason for hair loss, there is no guarantee if and when brows can start to grow back. Sometimes, when brows grow back from being completely bare, they also may not come out the way they once used to.

There is only so much serums and oils can do to help stimulate growth. For an affordable, instant, and user-friendly solution to complete brow loss, we recommend temporary eyebrow tattoos.

My Two Brows Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos

My Two Brows Virtual Mirror

Temporary eyebrow tattoos are a kind of false eyebrows that look natural, are easy to apply, and have absolutely no downtime. Moreover, anyone can apply these stick on eyebrows in the comfort of their own homes in 3 easy steps.

What we love most about them is that they come in 5 different styles, 5 different sizes, and up to 11 different colors. This ensures that every individual finds a pair of brows that look most natural to them! If you aren’t sure on what style or size you want, My Two Brows gives away a free sample pack for you to decide before making a purchase.


Do eyebrow growth serums actually work?

Yes, growth serums are packed with nutrients and other ingredients aimed to stimulate and support hair growth. The results are on a case-to-case basis since not everyone’s body reacts the same way.

What natural product grows eyebrows?

Many natural oils are known to help grow brows such as castor oil, argon oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, and more. Serums made of vegan and other natural ingredients are also very effective.

What helps regrow eyebrows?

A diet packed with nutrients, a less stressful lifestyle, the use of growth serums, and healthy habits all contribute to regrowing brows.

What helps eyebrow growth fast?

A combination of many solutions can help brows grow fast. An initial diagnosis can also help you narrow down your options.

You’re All Set!

In today’s beauty world, you will never run out of eyebrow growth serum options, and other alternatives that can help you get your ideal pair of brows!

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