True Story: The Worst Brow Tattoo Experiences Ever

True Story: The Worst Brow Tattoo Experiences Ever (with Pictures)

When looking for the best eyebrow solutions, there is a risk of experiencing a few treatment nightmares here and there. For this very reason, it is important to do thorough research on the service, read reviews of the clinics, and check the professional’s work before you decide to work with them.

Below, we talk all about the bad tattoo eyebrows experiences so that you don’t have to go through the same! While it is unfortunate that others have to experience this, it’s helpful information in order for readers to learn from their mistakes and be fully prepared to avoid these situations.

Worst Experiences in Pictures

#1 This before and after collage circulated from Thailand 

before and after worst brow tattoo

#2 Mandy Lamrini is a German bar worker from Berlin, though she seems happy with the results, the internet seems divided.

worst brow tattoo experience

#3 Nipapron Meeking had her eyebrows tattooed at a hole-in-the-wall type of clinic in Thailand. After she had confronted that shop owner, they fled the next day and could no longer be contacted. 

worst eyebrows tattoo experience

#4 In this next horror story, Amanda Coats of Australia took to social media to show just how bad the infection got after she had a microblading session done. While microblading is not the same procedure as permanent eyebrow tattoos, it is still a type of tattoo eyebrow commonly acquired by those with thinning or patchy brows. 

infection got after she had a microblading session done

#5 Katy Adams of Milton Keynes says she regrets rushing into the cosmetic procedure without much research. Like the previous horror story, this is also a microblading type of procedure that ended in a nightmare. 

microblading type of procedure that ended in a nightmare

#6 A woman on TikTok who goes by the handle cootercowgirl posted her horrific experience with getting her eyebrows tattooed. 

horrific eyebrow tattoo experience

Are Eyebrow Tattoos Bad?

Generally speaking, eyebrow tattoos are not bad. In fact, they have become so popular in the past and to this day, some well-known celebrities have eyebrows tattooed on them.

However, there is more risk than reward when it comes to the cosmetic procedure. Because of the way they are administered, most of the results end up looking like two solid brows drawn on one’s face. For this reason, many now opt to go for microblading, which is still a form of eyebrow tattooing but with less risk and more chances of a natural look in the end.

Microblading still has its horror stories as we’ve witnessed above, but as long as you seek treatment from professionals who ensure that none of the ingredients inserted into your skin can trigger a reaction, you’re good for the most part. The rest of the heavy lifting lies in the aftercare. For those who suffer from bald spots or are tired of having to apply eyebrow makeup every morning, this may be a sacrifice they are willing to make.

What to do when eyebrow tattoos go wrong?

The first thing we suggest BEFORE seeking eyebrow tattoo treatment is to get a proper diagnosis from your dermatologist or a medical professional who can assess the best course of action for your thinning brows.

If you already have eyebrow tattoos that you are not happy with, the next best solution is again - seek a medical professional to get their expert opinion on how to fix it. You should also reach out to the clinic that performed the treatment and file a complaint in order for them to help you reach a resolution.

Reasons Why Bad Eyebrow Tattoos Happen

Bad Eyebrow Tattoos

#1 Unprofessional or inexperienced eyebrow tattoo artist

While it’s true that all skilled artists start somewhere, this does not have to be at the expense of your eyebrows! Moreover, if you are on a budget, we highly recommend either saving enough for quality service and not rushing the decision OR at the very least going for an affordable clinic that has multiple positive reviews, especially from those you know personally.

It is important to thoroughly research where you are seeking treatment, read their reviews, and talk to a medical professional first.

#2 Poor aftercare

Permanent tattoos, microblading, and similar eyebrow treatments all require aftercare. It is important to understand and follow the instructions, especially in the first two weeks post-procedure.

If you opt not to practice the necessary steps, you run the risk of getting your brows infected, losing the pigment, or damaging your skin, resulting in permanent scars.

#3 The pigment disappeared due to scabs

Tattoos are known to scab, this is completely normal and is expected to start about 3 to 5 days after treatment. Once they form on the surface of your skin, they will become very itchy and will also peel for about a week.

Once the peeling is through, your eyebrows will look noticeably lighter as your skin heals because a new layer of skin has grown over it. However, this is normal and the pigment will come back to the surface with some time.

However, in some cases, if aftercare is not applied or the scabs have been picked, the pigment tends to fall out with it.

#4 There was an infection or allergic reaction

A tattoo is essentially an open wound, which makes it susceptible to getting infected. To avoid this, ensure that your tattoo artist uses sterile tools and that you follow the aftercare down to a T.

Moreover, some people may be allergic to the pigment or the material of the tools. If you are aware of any allergies, it is best to tell the professional handling the procedure beforehand.

What are alternatives to eyebrow tattoos?

If you are not too confident about getting an eyebrow tattoo, there are a lot of other alternatives you can go for! Below, we list the top 3 most common options:

Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Makeup

Whether you opt to use beginner-friendly eyebrow pencils or venture into more advanced eyebrow makeup tools, there are many options readily available in most stores today. You can try brow gel, brow pomade, brow powder, and more. These work great for filling in thin brows or even add more depth to eyebrows that are patchy.

Regrowing Your Eyebrows

If the thought of applying products every morning does not sound appealing, and you have some time on your hands, perhaps you can try regrowing your natural brows instead.

There are many small habits you can build that can increase the chances of hair growth - even when it seems close to impossible! Try some of our favorite tips below:

  • Reduce the amount of daily stress
  • Incorporate more vitamins into your diet
  • Take supplements for vitamins needed for hair production, such as Vitamin D/ A/ E/ C, Biotin, Zinc, and Folic Acid, among others.
  • Moisturize the area in order to keep the skin and follicles healthy. Vaseline or aloe vera are great options.
  • Apply natural oils that could stimulate hair growth such as castor oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, and more! 
  • Try over-the-counter medication, such as Rogaine.

Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos

My Two Brows Temporary Brow Tattoos

My Two Brows Virtual Mirror

Temporary eyebrow tattoos are far different from permanent ones. Temporary brow tattoos are made of eco-friendly materials and are of little to no risk of causing any issues. The only concern to raise would be if you are allergic to adhesives, you may expect a minor reaction and it would be best to do a patch test. Other than that, they are extremely easy to use, very durable, and it takes only seconds to apply to your new brows.

What we love about temporary eyebrow tattoos is that they come in 5 different shapes, 5 different styles, and 11 different colors to ensure that the pair you choose looks as natural and hyper-realistic as possible.

Does hair grow over tattooed eyebrows?

Yes, hair can still grow over tattooed eyebrows. Cosmetic tattoos, whether it is the permanent kind or microblading, does not necessarily damage the follicles. Damage can only happen if the area gets infected and/ or aftercare is not properly applied, thus not doing the skin any good. Other than that, these treatments do not hinder natural brow hair growth.

The reason for this is that tattoos, though inserted through multiple layers of skin, do not go so deep that it touches the very root of your hair. Just as important to note, getting your eyebrows tattooed also does not in any way stimulate hair growth.

What are the disadvantages of getting eyebrow tattoos

While permanent eyebrow tattoos can save you time from applying products every day, there are quite a number of disadvantages to the procedure. Below is a list of negative factors to take into account when considering getting an eyebrow tattoo:

  • It can be painful
  • It is an expensive procedure
  • It is difficult and costly to remove
  • While it is healing, it can be very red and noticeable
  • It requires thorough aftercare
  • It can be itchy while healing
  • Allergic reactions or infections are highly possible
  • In a few years' time, the color can start to fade to a blue-green
  • In most cases, results do not mimic natural eyebrow hair
  • It can eventually bleed out, distorting the shape

Is it still a good idea to get eyebrows tattooed?

If you are having any hesitations about getting permanent eyebrow tattoos, we highly suggest sitting on it and doing more thorough research into the procedure, the clinic and professional of your choice, the pros and cons, and the possible outcomes. The results can last you an entire lifetime and can greatly affect your looks, your confidence, and your day-to-day routine. Therefore, it is important to be sure and not make hasty decisions.

Having spoken with multiple men, women, and parents of children living with eyebrow growth issues, the number 1 solution we have always suggested is temporary eyebrow tattoos. This is because of the low risk, low commitment, and high versatility the product offers.

Putting them on is as easy as aligning the product on your face, dabbing a wet cloth, and slowly peeling the transfer paper off. In these 3 steps, you can then have the eyebrows of your choice! Moreover, it is just as simple to remove should you decide to switch it out right away. Otherwise, it can last up to 3 days!

How to fix an old eyebrow tattoo that looks bad now?

Eyebrow tattoos were extremely popular back in the day when other cosmetic procedures were not as commercially available. If you have an old eyebrow tattoo from before that has now turned for the worst, there are a few ways you can fix it.

#1 Corrective Touch Up

All tattoos, cosmetic or otherwise, need touch-ups here and there. When it comes to eyebrow tattoos, a professional artist can rework the shape and also use corrective pigments to bring the natural color back.

#2 Tattoo Removal

If you prefer to have the tattoo removed permanently, there are many clinics offering removal through laser treatment. They may be costly and somewhat painful.

#3 Cover it Up

If the tattoo has mostly faded away, you can try to cover it up using eyebrow makeup instead.


What happens to tattooed eyebrows as you age?

As the skin goes through its natural process, tattoos can also shift along the way. You can expect the pigments to lighten or also discolor to a blue-green hue.

Tattoos sometimes bleed out as well, causing the shape of your brows to distort over time.

What can go wrong with eyebrow tattoos?

For as long as you go to a reputable professional with multiple positive reviews, there is less risk of anything going wrong during the procedure. However, tattoos are still open wounds and are more susceptible to infections. Moreover, many can be allergic to the tattoo ink or other materials used in the procedure.

Can you correct tattooed eyebrows?

Yes, there are still ways to correct tattooed eyebrows. However, it is not a guarantee that you can get natural-looking brows back exactly the way they were before. Moreover, it can be costly and painful and can take multiple sessions to fix tattooed eyebrows.

What can happen if you mess up the aftercare?

Aftercare is very important, especially in the first few weeks post-procedure. If one does not apply aftercare, chances of infection, negative reactions, pigments fading, and other issues, are much higher.

You’re All Set!

Now that you have seen real-life bad tattoo eyebrow stories, would you still be willing to give it a shot?

If not, we hope you do consider alternatives that have little to no risk, are good for your body, and can do your natural brows justice. With the right amount of lifestyle changes, natural oils, and the option to try out temporary eyebrow tattoos, you should be well on your way to having beautiful brows in no time.

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