Unveiling the Truth About Eyebrow Microblading: Is It Really Permanent?

Unveiling the Truth About Eyebrow Microblading: Is It Really Permanent?

In looking for the best eyebrow enhancement solution, one must weigh out many factors, including whether or not they want a long-term fix. There are many kinds of treatments today that range from permanent, and semi-permanent, to no commitment necessary. In this article, we discuss the popular microblading procedure and whether its lifespan is what you are looking for.

Not only do we answer the frequently asked query “Is microblading eyebrows permanent”, but we also cover its differences from traditional tattoos and other brow treatment alternatives.

What Makes Microblading Different from Traditional Tattooing?

What Makes Microblading Different from Traditional Tattooing?
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Many often compare microblading with traditional tattoos as the two procedures can sound awfully similar. In reality, the only factor they have in common is the fact that you leave your session with a brand-new pair of brows. They vary greatly in the materials used, the techniques applied, their longevity, and most importantly, they offer different results.

The Science Behind Microblading Pigment vs Tattoo Ink

By now, we are all familiar with the concept of tattoo ink. It’s a liquid tint applied under the skin that dyes the deeper layers to result in an exterior outline. Years after the ink sets, it can develop a blue-green hue and spread out, but never completely fade.

Pigment, on the other hand, is usually made of plants, making them an organic and hypoallergenic alternative. Unlike tattoo ink, pigment doesn’t discolor over time. However, it can eventually fade as the skin undergoes its natural shedding process.

Comparing Techniques: Microblading vs Traditional Tattoo

One of the most distinctive factors between microblading and traditional tattoos is how the pigment or ink is applied. When tattooing, the ink is inserted deep into the skin, allowing the material to set and hold its place.

Microblading, on the other hand, only touches on a shallow layer. This allows the pigment to naturally pass through the body over time and eventually fade.

Understanding the Lifespan: Why Microblading Isn't Considered Permanent

Tattoos can last you a lifetime, thanks to how it is applied to the deeper layers of skin. Microblading, however, can only last up to 1-2 years. The actual lifespan depends heavily on your aftercare routine and skin type. Because of this, microblading is not considered fully permanent.

Can Oily Skin Affect Microblading Longevity?

Can Oily Skin Affect Microblading Longevity?
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Your skin type can greatly affect how long your microbladed brows can last. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can practice to maintain beautiful microbladed brows despite having oily skin.

How Oily Skin Impacts Microblading Results

When the skin produces an excess of natural oils, it can bring with it many microdeposits as it exists in the pores. For those with microbladed brows, these microdeposits can also include the pigment applied to the skin. Because of this, microbladed brows tend to spread out faster and fade quickly.

Tips for Maintaining Microbladed Eyebrows on Oily Skin

Aftercare post-treatment can vary depending on skin type, and whether or not the risk of allergic reactions is heightened with the individual. For those with oily skin, the main challenge is to keep the pigment intact and looking natural while maximizing its longevity.

To better your chances at hitting the 1 or 2-year mark, take these aftercare tips into consideration after getting microblading done on oily skin:

  • Control the amount of excess oil by gently wiping the treated brows using a cotton pad dampened with clean water. This can be done regularly for the first three days.
  • If your artist recommends a healing gel, ask their recommendation for a lighter healing cream instead. Gels are often used to prevent drying while creams are focused solely on healing.
  • Dab blotting paper on your eyebrows for the first two weeks while the pigment sets.

It is important to first ask your artist if your situation is compatible with the above suggestions.

Why Does Eyebrow Microblading Fade Over Time?

Unlike permanent tattoos that go as deep as 2mm into the skin, the application of microblading pigment is only 0.15mm at most. This means that the pigment only sits between the epidermis and the dermis, making it easier to be carried out of our pores over time.

Maximizing Your Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo Results: Essential Aftercare Tips

Maximizing Your Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo Results

After the procedure, there is a strict aftercare routine one must follow for the first 14 days. This is to make sure the microbladed brows heal evenly and without getting infected. The list below is for the general public and your artist may recommend more steps or different methods based on your specific condition.

  • Keep brows away from direct sunlight or heat
  • Avoid swimming in the ocean and pool
  • Brows must not retain moisture, which means gently drying them once they get wet in the shower or after cleansing.
  • Do not apply any makeup or skin care. If you must put skin care, only apply products that have zero chemicals or acids.
  • It is important not to get a tan, facial, laser peel, and the like.
  • Refrain from picking, scratching, or touching your brows. It may get itchy in your first week as it scabs, but touching it may cause scarring and uneven pigment.

Microblading for Thin Brows: A Solution Worth Considering?

Microblading is one of the many eyebrow enhancement solutions that help those experiencing brow hair loss. Whether you are left with patchy, thinning, or completely absent brows, microblading can serve as a semi-permanent fix to a distressing situation.

When looking into the procedure, one must consider if they have access to a reputable microblading artist in their area as this factor greatly affects the results. Other things to weigh out include the cost of treatment, healing time, pain threshold, and committing to your brows for 1-2 years.

Case Studies: Before and After Transformations

Below are a few real-life photos of clients before and after their microblading treatment. While some turned out great, others may not be as lucky. Infections, allergies, and low-quality procedures can often put the client at risk of getting a bad brow tattoo. For this reason, many look to low-risk alternatives that still deliver natural results.

Microblading Before and After Transformation
Worst Brow Tattoo Experience

What's Better Than Microblading Your Brows?

Granting you have found a good artist, there are three main challenges that come with microblading brows: cost, pain, and risk of unfavorable brow shape.

The Challenges

Microblading may cost between $400 and $800 for most clinics, with some even going beyond $1,000. Moreover, though most consider microblading only slightly more painful than getting a wax, everyone has a different level of tolerance. Lastly, the pigment is to sit on your brow line for at least a year. If you are unhappy with the results, that can be a huge commitment.

Because of these challenges, low-commitment, affordable, and pain-free alternatives are what we most recommend. One of the best products that check off all these benefits is the Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo.

The Best Alternative

This brow solution comes in 5 different styles, 5 sizes, and over 11 colors, ensuring that everyone gets access to the most natural-looking pair of brows. They are insanely easy to apply, only requiring a wet cloth to dab on the transfer paper before peeling it off. Moreover, the brows are very easy to remove if you want to switch to a different look. However, if you are satisfied with your chosen brow, it can last up to 3 full days.

You’re All Set!

We hope this article serves as a thorough answer as to whether or not microblading eyebrows is permanent. For those who prefer a more affordable, user-friendly, and risk-free way to gain natural brows, we’re giving out a free sample pack with your first order to get you a step closer to your best brows yet!

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