Why Do Eyebrows Stop Growing?

Why Do Eyebrows Stop Growing: A Complete Guide on Brow Hair

Eyebrows can slow down or completely stop growing for a number of reasons. Knowing the causes as to why do eyebrows stop growing for you specifically can help in finding out the most effective solution.

In this article, we discuss the different growth phases your brows undergo to give you a better understanding of how long brows can take to grow back. We also discuss common causes for brow loss and user-friendly solutions you can try today to get your natural pairs back.

Understanding the Eyebrow Growth Cycle

Eyebrow Growth Cycle

The full eyebrow growth cycle consists of four phases.

Phase 1: Anagen

The first phase is when the hair follicle starts to grow. This could last anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks  - the longer the duration, the longer the hair strand.

Phase 2: Catagen

Once the hair follicle has fully grown, active hair growth ends and blood supply is cut off from the lowermost part of the follicle. This results in a decline of hair cell division and could last two to three weeks.

Phase 3: Telogen

In the third phase, the hair shaft matures into a club hair - the term used for the bulb of keratin on the roots. This bulb keeps the hair within the follicle until the fourth phase. Telogen lasts between two and three months on average, with some lasting up to nine months.

For those who tweeze or pluck too often, sparse eyebrows can occur in this phase.

Phase 4: Exogen

Exogen is the final stage of brow growth and it is when the hair starts to shed. New hair starts to grow as the older strands make room.

Chronic vs Temporary Eyebrow Hair Loss

Chronic vs Temporary Eyebrow Hair Loss

The brow growth cycle only applies to healthy follicles. Some individuals with certain medical issues or deficiencies may experience a different timeline than the one above. 

If you notice a decline or slowing down in hair growth, it is best to make an appointment with your dermatologist to determine whether the issue is chronic or temporary.

Temporary brow loss can be due to factors such as over-plucking your brows, experiencing too much stress, side effects of medication, or certain nutrient deficiencies.

Chronic brow loss can be due to more severe cases such as autoimmune diseases, physical trauma to the area, scarring, aging, and the like.

Normal Hair Growth Cycle of Eyebrow vs Head Hair

While the four phases apply to all hair on the body, the hair on your head runs on a different cycle than your eyebrows and lashes.

For one, brows and lashes have a shorter anagen phase since they don’t typically grow as long as the hair on your head. What only lasts 2-4 weeks for brows can last up to seven years on your scalp.

The catagen phase is also longer for head hair, typically reaching about 4 months.

Your brows and lashes tend to spend most of their time in the telogen phase, but this only lasts about four months for your scalp hair.

Because of all these, there is a wide disparity between the length and growth timeline of your scalp hair and brow hair.

The Role of Hair Follicles in Eyebrow Growth

The very basic function of the hair follicle is to grow your hair. It also helps heal skin around the hair and stores glands that secrete sebum, which is a natural oil that keeps the skin moisturized and protected from infection.

Why Do Eyebrows Stop Growing After a Certain Length

Why Do Eyebrows Stop Growing After a Certain Length

The phase in which hair grows is called anagen, and brows tend to spend the least amount of time in this phase. The length of time also differs from person to person, just like the thickness and color of one’s hair.

It is mainly genetics that determine the natural length of your brows, however, there are certain growth serums and thickeners that can enhance natural growth.

Common Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

There are many causes of brow loss with the most common ones being:

  • Aging
  • Over Plucking
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Excessive Stress and Anxiety
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Autoimmune Diseases such as Alopecia and Psoriasis
  • Medical Issues such as Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, and Hansen’s Disease
  • Side Effects of Medications
  • Skin Conditions such as Dermatitis and Ringworm

To learn more about the common causes in detail, check out our article Eyebrow Hair Loss.

How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow: Tips and Advice

How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow: Tips and Advice

If you are experiencing some of the causes above, there are a few ways you can try to stimulate hair growth.

Natural Methods to Speed Up Brow Hair Growth

The natural ways to promote growth are by taking nutritional supplements, applying castor oil, reducing stress levels, keeping your brows moisturized by massaging aloe vera, and by not waxing or tweezing for a while.

Over-The-Counter Products To Try

Sometimes the natural methods need a little boost. You can do so by applying Minoxidil to your eyebrows. This is an over-the-counter topical product commercially known as Rogaine and has proven to be very effective in regenerating hair growth.

Using Makeup

Whether you opt for OTC products or natural methods, it can still take some time to take effect. A great way to cover up sparse brows is by applying eyebrow makeup.

There are multiple products and tools you can try, starting with the beginner-friendly eyebrow pencil.

Exploring Microblading and Other Techniques

Living with brow bald spots can be frustrating and have a great impact on one’s self-esteem. For this reason, many opt to undergo a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure to fix their brow issues.

The most common techniques are microblading and powder brows, both of which have shown favorable results among most clients. These two are far better than getting an eyebrow tattoo since there have been more disadvantages to the latter than there were benefits.

The Best Product to Try Out when your Brow Hair Stops Growing

If you have noticed thinning brow hair for a while now, chances are you have tried and tested many methods from growth serums to medical procedures, even. However, these solutions are never guaranteed.

The best eyebrow replacement product on the market is not only user-friendly but is also highly affordable, easily removable, and durable enough to last up to 3 days. If this is exactly what you are looking for, check out temporary eyebrow tattoos from My Two Brows.

temporary eyebrow tattoos from My Two Brows

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These come in 5 different shapes, 5 different styles, and up to 11 different colors to easily match your natural brow. An added benefit is that every customer gets a free sample pack so you can try on every shape and style available before making a purchase.


Does Plucking Stop Hair from Growing Back?

Plucking brows once every 1-2 months should not permanently alter your growth cycle. However, over-plucking and excessive waxing can cause physical trauma to the area and damage the follicle.

Why Are Eyebrow Hair Shorter in Length?

Eyebrow hair is shorter because the “growth phase” does not last as long compared to that of hair on the scalp.

Does Hair on Your Head Grow Longer than Eyebrows?

Yes, scalp hair tends to grow longer than hair on the eyebrows because they are in the “growth phase” for a much longer period.

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