How Long Do Powder Brows Last? [PLUS Ways to Increase Its Lifespan]

How Long Do Powder Brows Last? [PLUS Ways to Increase Its Lifespan]

In most if not all cases, powder brows last a little longer than other semi-permanent tattoo solutions. While other procedures will have you booking a touch up annually, powder brows can actually last you between 1 to 3 years depending on your skin’s natural reaction and your lifestyle.

While there is little we can do about your skin’s way of reacting to the treatment, there are a lot of things you can try to lengthen the time they stay fresh and bold on your face.

Below, we discuss all there is to know about powder brows treatment, how long do powder brows last, and what you can do to increase its lifespan in order to lessen maintenance checks.

What Are Powder Brows?

What Are Powder Brows?

Powder brows are also known as ombre brows, and it is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure. This solution to brow loss has quickly risen in popularity over the last few years thanks to its special shading technique that allows for a soft, yet defined effect. Powder brows are slowly shaded in, and this “gradient” like system is what results in a natural, powdery look.

How Is The Procedure Done?

The procedure typically takes two hours and uses a handheld PMU (permanent makeup) machine that is capable of applying the special shading technique. The machine holds an ultra-fine needle that smoothly delivers pigment under the skin via multiple tiny dots. Over the course of the session, the dots build up to create a defined brow.

How Long Do Powder Brows Last?

Just like any cosmetic procedure, results and side effects could vary from person to person. However, power brows typically last between 1 to 3 years before requiring a maintenance touch up. The better your daily brow routine is, the longer it can last.

Wait, Isn’t an Eyebrow Tattoo Permanent?

There are eyebrow tattoo procedures that are permanent. These are the same as the tattoos you can get anywhere else on your body. However, there are also semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos, powder brows being a popular example.

When we say semi-permanent, we mean that they can last a fairly good amount of time before needing replacement or a touch up. If a client decides to forego the touch up altogether, the semi-permanent pigment tends to fade out as new layers of skin regenerate.

Do Powder Brows Last Longer than Microblading?

Yes, ombre brows are known to typically last longer than microblading. For this reason, among others, a lot of clients decide to go with powder brows instead.

On average, microblading can last between 1 to 2 years before needing a touch up. This means that there is a possibility of having one more full year should you decide to go with the powder brow procedure.

What Factors Determine How Long Do Ombre Brows or Powder Brows Last?

Ombre Brows

Seeing as the lifespan range can be quite wide, those with ombre brows typically do what they can to reach that 3 year mark (some, even longer!) The factors that go into just how long your brows can go on without maintenance are:

1. Powder Brows Aftercare

Every cosmetic procedure requires some form of aftercare. When it comes to powder brows, the first 10 days are absolutely crucial! How well you can care for your brows in the first 10 days post treatment can make a world of difference as to how well it heals moving forward.

It is important to be diligent with your aftercare routine, keep an eye on your brows, and get through the first 10 days with patience (and determination to get a gorgeous looking pair!)

2. Skin Type and Texture

There are generally 5 types of skin, namely: normal, dry, oily, combination (oily + dry), and sensitive. Each skin type reacts differently to varying environments, products, and treatments. Your skin type can also determine what kind of aftercare routine will work best.

Powder brows are known to work well with all skin types. However, those with more sensitive and/ or oily skin may experience more redness and faster pigment loss, while those with more dry skin may experience more flaking.

3. Excessive Sweating or Swimming

Both sweating and swimming, most especially while your brows are still settling in, can cause great pigment loss. When sweat comes out through your pores, it can bring with it a tiny amount of pigment. Moreover, the salt content in sweat can dry out pigments faster, which has a similar effect with saltwater coming from the ocean  or the chemicals found in swimming pools.

The more your brows are exposed to sweat and swimming, the faster the pigments could start to fade out.

4. Frequent Sunlight Exposure

Just like exposure to water, getting too much heat from the sun on your brows can cause the pigment to fade out faster. If you can help it, wear a hat and refrain from sunbathing at least until your brows have fully healed.

5. Certain Skincare Products and Facials

This may be hard for some to hear, but retinol and acids can definitely shorten the lifespan of ombre brows. Because these two ingredients are mainly used to accelerate cell turnover, pigmented cells go away with it. You can still continue with your skincare routine, as long as you ensure the brow area does not get touched.

Moreover, the brows should not be exfoliated whether mechanically or through peels.

6. Pigment Quality

If the pigment used is of high quality, it can definitely last longer than cheap products. You can get a better idea as to how good the pigment is by how much the treatment costs. Quality products and professional services should charge more.

7. Your Overall System

At the end of the day, none of the factors above would have a bigger impact on the longevity of your brows than your natural system. Others may have a more sensitive immune system that naturally rejects foreign products, such as pigments. Because of this, the system will work overtime to fight off any pigment inserted into the body and extract it as soon as possible.

How Can I Make Powder Brows Last Longer?

Natural system reactions aside, ombre brows can last much longer if you are diligent with your aftercare routine, keep excessive sweating and swimming to a minimum, limit your exposure to the sun, and also keep your brows healthy by moisturizing the area.

Doing the above mentioned can help your brows last up to three years before needing a touch up. However, touch ups are necessary since pigments naturally fade in time as the skin regenerates. Because of this, regular touch ups (every 1 to 3 years) also help you keep your ombre brows as long as possible. These top-up appointments involve the professional artist inserting more pigment in areas that have started to fade out.

Will My Powder Brows Fade Completely without Touch Ups?

As your skin naturally grows out new layers, the pigments will fade out in time. For some, this could mean total extraction in a few years but for others, this could just mean a light shadow on the brow area. The latter often happens only if the pigment was inserted deeper into the skin than usual. The system has a harder time extracting from inner layers since these don’t shed out like outer skin do, resulting in some pigmented cells fading out but not completely disappearing.

Just like side effects, how the body breaks down pigments will differ from person to person, and color boosts or touch ups can help keep the brows in tiptop shape.

Is Powder Brows Removal Possible?

While powder brows are designed to last at least a year, there are ways you can remove them earlier. Some people may not be happy with how their brows turned out, have changed their preference over time, or decided to switch to a different solution. Whatever the reason may be, early removal is possible in the following ways:

Exposing your brows to sunlight, sweat, and swimming pools/beaches

While we suggest waiting till they are healed to avoid risk of infections, you can speed up pigment loss by exposing your brows to more sun, getting some exercise to sweat it out, and by swimming in pools or beaches.

You can also hit the sauna, take hot showers, and other ways to keep your pores moisturized.

Skincare products

There are some skincare products that can speed up pigment removal, especially those with retinol, ascorbic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid.

Similarly, products that help exfoliate the skin can release pigmented cells faster. However, it is important to exfoliate only after the brows have healed to reduce risk of scarring and other side effects.

Professional removal

You may also see a professional to safely remove the pigments from your brows. This can be in the form of saline removal, glycolic acid removal, or even laser sessions.

What is the Best Way to Have Fuller Looking Brows?

One of the best ways to have naturally fuller looking brows is to support your brow growth. You can do this by refraining from tweezing or waxing, applying growth serums (either manufactured products or all natural oils), taking supplements, and by improving your overall lifestyle.

Changes such as getting more nutrients in your diet and lowering your stress levels can help brow hair grow back. For some, it may be more difficult, most especially if the reason for hair loss is medically related. While we can never really guarantee how long it can take for brows to grow back after a challenging diagnosis, it can’t hurt to try and stimulate growth when we can.

What To Choose: Microblading Or Powder Brows?

What To Choose: Microblading Or Powder Brows?

                       Image source: Freepik                                     Image source: Depositphotos

Microblading vs powder brows is a very common comparison as the two semi-permanent tattoo treatments are similar. Before we get into detail on which one is better, it is important to distinguish the difference between the semi-permanent procedures (microblading and ombre brows) and permanent eyebrow tattoos. The latter is similar to the tattoos you get on other parts of the body and is not recommended for eyebrows. This procedure uses ink instead of pigment, which can eventually discolor and spread out unevenly over time, causing bad eyebrow tattoos.

When it comes to microblading and ombre brows, the main difference is the tool utilized to carry out the procedure and the styles that each technique results in. Microblading uses a manual tool while powder brows use a PMU machine, which is usually less painful. Powder brows also heal a little faster and last a little longer. Lastly, ombre brows result in a soft, gradient-like brow with a well-defined arch while microblading results in light and fluffy brows.

Ultimately, both are great and the best treatment boils down to your preferences and priorities. For those who don’t want to commit to 1-3 years with the same brows or have to endure the pricking of needles on their skin, My Two Brows Temporary Eyebrow Stickers is the best solution. These are easy to apply and easy to remove - all in the comforts of your own home and no appointment or downtime needed!

My Two Brows Temporary Eyebrow Stickers

My Two Brows Virtual Mirror

Who Should and Should Not Opt for Powder Brows?

Healthy individuals of any skin type who experience thinning brows or want an easier way to have defined brows every day should consider ombre brows. We emphasize “healthy” since there are many types of medications, conditions, temporary situations and the like that may make it difficult for your body to receive ombre brow treatment. For a better understanding of who should not opt for powder brows, check out article Microblading VS Powder Brows.

Are Powder Brows Worth It?

When considering the fact that powder brows need you to undergo a treatment involving needles puncturing the skin, a careful aftercare, paying hundreds of dollars, and also committing to the end result for 1 to 3 years - it can be a lot.

If all these factors align with your preferences and priorities, then perhaps ombre brows is your answer. However, an affordable, user-friendly, non-invasive, and zero commitment solution is at the tip of your fingers.

Temporary eyebrow tattoos that come in multiple styles, sizes, and colors are the perfect solution to finding your ideal brow. Moreover, you can get a free sample pack of stick on eyebrows before deciding if it’s right for you.

You’re All Set!

Now that you have a better idea as to how long do powder brows last, what the treatment entails, what you can do to stimulate brow growth, and other eyebrow replacement options, we hope this guide helped you get one step closer to achieving your ideal brow!

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